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Dope deal goes bad with guy on Rosecrans

Guns 'n' stoners

A dope deal with a stranger goes — you guessed it — wrong!

Preservationists speak up at La Mesa town hall meeting

Spring House and old façades discussed

At a La Mesa town hall meeting last week (January 17), two residents urged the council to preserve the Spring House in Collier Park. The park on Palm Avenue was named for David Charles Collier, ...

Workers’ patience has run out

After years of clinging to jobs, workers are expected to seek better employment.

Mock animal at Plumeria

Ed has hot-hot-hot soup at Plumeria, which is a Thai restaurant that bills itself first as “vegetarian.”

The musical alter egos of the Country Rockin’ Rebels

The Country Rockin’ Rebels were founded by Bad Science Fiction guitarist Michael Head, operator of local Headtrap Studios for around 20 years, and singer-songwriter Tristan Luhrs. “He and I have worked in my studio since ...

Lou & Mickey's Scorpion's Sting

Tiki-cocktail culture might be making a comeback, but at Lou & Mickey’s, it never went away. Take yourself downtown, where bartender Brian Gaudet is ready to take the sting out of your day by putting ...

Jon Goodhue plays to the masses

Golf, fishing, and rock and roll: Jon Goodhue emails that he is just leaving the course at Carmel Mountain Ranch at one point during the month that I spend interviewing him. A San Diego transplant ...

Where Ron took Veronica

With so many local performers relocating in search of success, Brothers Gow bucked the trend by moving to San Diego this past August. “We didn’t even know we wanted to move from the Bay Area ...


Exploring the Instruments of Torture Exhibit with Dad

I couldn’t think of two people with more divergent worldviews than my father — a ribald Brooklyn boy turned retired naval officer who runs military war games abroad — and the proper young woman with ...

Sounds around town, January 24–30

Thursday 24Sunset Strip rock royalty Queen Caveat will rule Bar Pink Thursday night. Led by cagey stage banshee Lauren Little (think young Courtney Love with Joan Jett’s pipes), the hard-rocking quartet’s held residencies at L.A. ...

In other news...

Fake-girlfriend edition

They didn’t talk about women while working on the Alaskan pipeline project in the ’70s.

John Jorgenson Quintet at AMSD

John Jorgenson’s one of those guitarists with an astonishing facility, a modern performer capable of firing off lightning-fast Danny Gatton licks without a second thought, or of mastering Django Reinhardt licks using only two fingers. ...

Radio quiet

Piano-and-voice teacher Deborah Cooney is convinced electric meters made her sick and destroyed her music business.

The Lone Wolf hits a Royal Flush

Tuna for days

Every sport or occupation has a dream scenario: score the winning goal; close the impossible sale. For old-time tuna “bait boats,” it was the Big Catch, a mammoth haul with bamboo poles and lines. In ...


Christian Motos’s new release includes a song that didn’t make the Skyfall soundtrack.

Bullets in a bonfire

Do bullets thrown into a campfire go off with the same velocity as when they are fired from a gun?

Days-of-yore Disney

What happened to Disney’s 20,000 Leagues exhibit.

Butchery’s history

Heymatt: Supposedly, butchers are supposed to retire after a set amount of years (10, 15, 20?) because they’re otherwise highly prone to mental problems, i.e. they go crazy. I’ve snooped around a little but have ...

Anza-Borrego's all-access trails

Paved and dirt trails encourage all visitors (including those in wheelchairs) to experience the desert

Del Mar Racetrack’s long lost airport

You could take a plane

If the recent plan to have a train stop at the Del Mar Fairgrounds falls through, resurrecting the adjacent former airport is certainly a nonstarter. Located on the San Dieguito River wetlands between the Del ...

The celebrity rescue of the West Memphis Three

Revisiting the imprisoned

The “West Memphis Three” (Jessie Misskelley, Damien Echols, and Jason Baldwin) were teenagers in 1993 when they were wrongfully convicted of the murders of three eight-year-old boys. Directed by investigative journalist Amy Berg (Deliver Us ...

Shaw's back in town — finally! The Old Globe stages Pygmalion

What a treat! George Bernard Shaw’s back at the Old Globe — finally! — with first-class direction, performances, and design work. Even a balky turntable on opening night couldn’t tarnish the luster. For the past ...

Environmental Health Coalition ­takes on the whole wide world

Bob Filner and San Diego’s Democratic city-council majority have a lot of problems to solve — including global warming, in the opinion of one well-connected nonprofit. According to a recent lobbyist disclosure filing by the ...

To breastfeed at Felix’s Restaurant in Lincoln Park was all she wanted

Must be done outside of the dining area

On Sunday, December 2, Jamie Boyd and Joseph Taylor met at Felix’s Restaurant in Lincoln Park to eat dinner and to swap their children to Mom (Boyd) after a weekend with Dad. They sat at ...

First lobbyist Nathan Fletcher

Last week, new Democratic mayor Bob Filner gave his first State of the City Speech. Before he took the microphone at the Balboa Theatre, the mayor was preceded by Nathan Fletcher, former GOP assemblyman-turned-independent who ...

Elizabeth and Thomas Coldicutt used Mary Pickford fandom to bilk investors

Securities and Exchange Commission charges the pair

A century ago, in the age of silent films, Mary Pickford was celebrated as “America’s Sweetheart.” Among the films she starred in were Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, Pollyanna, and Little Lord Fauntleroy. In the tony ...

Paradise Valley Seventh Day Adventist Church

8000 pounds of food a week to about 500 families

Interview with Will James, pastor at Paradise Valley Seventh Day Adventist Church.

In a Folder Labeled "Sunshine"

Pamela and the U.S. Postal Service.

Lots o' letters

Uncovered My name is Sabrina and I am 19 years old. I'm featured on the cover of the Reader and interviewed for the article (“Cosplay in the Park: Adorable When I Dress Up,” January 10), ...

Missing You

The nights are long, the days long between the nights — no time for sleep; the sheets are ochre with damp, with the one body restless in the folds, the eyelids wide in premonition: another ...