Municipal DIF Delivers Educational Stimuli (La Voz de la Frontera, 1/23/13 by Alma R. Burciaga)

Mexicali, BC - With twice as many scholarships for 600 pesos ($47 US) and a food pantry, the DIF Mexicali benefited more than 1,369 school children in the Valley of Mexicali as part of the program "Valores... Impulsar la Educación (Values... Promote Education)".

The event was headed by the Chairperson of the Municipal DIF, Emma Pedrero of Pérez Tejada and took place at the baseball field of "Aztec" Ciudad Guadalupe Victoria (Km 43). The President of the Municipal DIF stressed the importance of the program as an incentive so that children can complete their studies, which is key to forming good men and women.

On this occasion there was a double installment of scholarships for 600 pesos ($47 US) and a food pantry to benefit more than 1,369 school children with an investment of more than 2 million pesos ($158,000 US). The minors are students from various primary schools in Venustiano Carranza, Delta, Cerro Prieto and Colonias Nuevas, delegations among others in the Guadalupe Victoria delegation.

Nina Mitzy Junitza Ayón Rodríguez, who is in her sixth year at primary school "Venustiano Carranza", said thank you for the support which will be used to continue her studies and in turn help her family.

Pedrero de Pérez Tejada stated that currently it has a registry of more than 7,000 children it supports with basic education in the Valley, Mexicali and San Felipe, which represents a total investment of 16.8 million pesos ($1.3 million US) in the annual program.

The first lady of the municipality took the time to thank the parents for their confidence and at the same time invited them to foster values in their children and encourage them in their studies.

Monthly Unemployment Rates Still Low (La Voz de la Frontera, 1/22/13 by Alejandro Dominguez)

Mexicali, BC - Baja California has accumulated four consecutive months with a low unemployment rate (TD) as December 2012 registered 5.7% according to a publication of the monthly indicator by the federal entity of the INEGI, said Antonio Escamilla Diaz, Deputy Director of Statistical and Economic Analysis of Sedeco.

The indicator sees a positive trend in the labor market. Since December 2011 the TD was 6.8%. In recent months it recorded 7.0% in September, 6.2% in October and 5.9% in November.

Entities on the northern border in Coahuila and Nuevo Leon recorded lower rates than Baja California in December with both at 5.6%, Chihuahua had 5.8%, Tamaulipas 5.9% and Sonora 6.2%.

Also in the national context, Baja California has a TD less than those in the State of Mexico at 5.8%, Aguascalientes at 5.9%, Queretaro at 6% and DF at 6.1%.

On the southern border of the United States, in December California recorded a TD of 9.7%, New Mexico of 6.5%, Texas of 6%, Arizona of 7.9% and the United States for its part registered a 7.6%.

In a notorious way, the entities with the lowest TD remain the poorest in the country, with Campeche at 2.2%, Veracruz at 2.2%, Oaxaca at 2.7%, Chiapas at 2.5%, Yucatán at 2.4% and Guerrero at 2.9% which will surely continue as the migratory flows from these States generate greater opportunities for development.

During 2013, the Government will maintain its policies of entrepreneurship and employment support through its boosting of public works, various training programs and accessible credit that seeks to serve different segments in both urban and rural activities.


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