My name is Sabrina and I am 19 years old. I'm featured on the cover of the Reader and interviewed for the article (“Cosplay in the Park: Adorable When I Dress Up,” January 10), along with numerous friends. [Author] Siobhan Braun was completely biased in her article and didn’t take the time to understand her topic, as if she wasn’t even interested. Sure, she came up with a last-minute costume when she came to Balboa Park, but her heart and soul wasn’t into it and she made me and my friends out to be complete losers with no lives, even after my friends and I told her we all are currently in school and/or working.

She didn’t ask certain people what our cosplays were and gave very bad descriptions on them. If she'd stopped making out that the entire cosplay association in San Diego is rude and conceited, she could've asked us all questions and been more involved instead of observing us like monkeys in a cage. She didn’t understand that the 47-year-old man called David actually has mild autism and isn’t just a low life with no job. She conveniently left out small details that made my group of friends look bad, like when the engaged couple asked if we were going to be in the Organ Pavilion all day. We replied, “Yes, but we can move.” Siobhan claimed we just snubbed our noses at the couple.

Please hear me out because I actually know what I am talking about as a cosplayer myself. Cosplay's a lot of hard work because you’re always pushing yourself to be the best. The goal is to completely recreate a character and some people even go as far as to diet and cut their hair to fit into wigs better. Some cosplayers sew and make all of their costumes and props themselves, and if they are successful at it they can even make a business of it by offering commissions and selling their products. I, for one, took makeup artistry school to learn makeup techniques to look better in photographs. Like any other ordinary person in the world, we all have hobbies. Whether it is reading, gardening, music, cosplay, it’s all the same thing and our cosplay community should not be discriminated against.

At first I was ecstatic at seeing myself on the cover, because the knowledge that San Diegans everywhere will be reading about us and learning about who we are and what we stand for really excited me. Alas, it was all in vain, and I had angry tears running down my face at the end of the article. What is weird to some people is normal to us. If I must be the poster girl for this opinionated article, I want something done about this. An apology at the least.

Sabrina Tucker
via email

Another Serving of Tuna

Jeff Smith’s series describing pole-fishing for tuna out of San Diego has been a good read. While the description in prose is well done, readers can supplement their understanding by viewing the action on YouTube. To see a vivid ten-minute historical video of a San Diego–based tuna boat, readers can go to the oddly-named “The Ironman of the Tuna Fishing.”

Bob Spaulding
via email

Why Bother?

On page three of the January 3 Reader, you have a story called “We Don’t Bang” by Eva Knott. You have something called “a map of gang turf — Barrio Carlsbad.” Why did you even bother? I can’t even make this thing out with a strong magnifying glass. The gang territory is darker grey, on a background of lighter grey. You can barely even read some of the street names. Why the devil do you bother printing something like that that’s illegible, for Pete’s sake? Print it with better definition, a little darker print, or blow it up bigger. The names of the streets are so faint!

And the picture of the guy there, on the right end of the panel with the tattoos on his face — what in the heck is the white patch on the side of that asshole’s face? Is the tattoo so obscene that you had to white it out? Is it some silly white tattoo? Or is it a white Band-Aid or something? I wouldn’t want my daughter to have anything to do with any jackasses like that. What kind of idiot would have his face tattooed?

Name Withheld
via voicemail

Lacking Digits

My name is James Neal from the Big Toe Band. I read your “Rinse and Repeat for SDMTV” article (Blurt, January 3), and all about Joseph Stevens. I want to appear on his show, but the article doesn’t say anything about how to do that. You may have heard of our band. My partner Mark Goffeney is in it — that’s the guy with no arms, the guitar player.

James Neal
via voicemail


On page 66 of the January 3 Reader there was an advertisement for Porter’s Pub Sumerian Metal Fest, and the name of one of the bands is S-t-a-rfucker. I was really surprised. I didn’t think advertising like that would be allowed. It’s vulgar. I’m also going to call the UCSD campus, Porter’s Pub. For a public campus, I think that’s pretty vulgar. I want to know if you will look at your policy for accepting ads and edit them better.

Name Withheld
via voicemail

Attention, Carlos

I laughed while reading Carlos’s sad plight (“But he seemed so...single!” December 27 cover story). He seems to hint that since women “have their pick of the litter,” we can be superficial and demand to date only funny men who make “$150,000-plus a year.” Then he goes on to declare such zingers as “Women age quicker than men. Unfortunately, they don’t have the same shelf-life.” And “I don’t want to date someone that looks old.”

Carlos, I have some advice for you. When you’re accusing someone of something (i.e., being superficial), take a look in the mirror.

Deanne Schaleger
via email

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Kaybi Jan. 25, 2013 @ 10:02 a.m.

Sabrina ---- I am so glad they published your letter. Just so you know the article was passed around here at J!NX and we all had mild fits of rage. I loved the cover photo so I was excited to read the article being as I am planning to cosplay a lot this year. The article was in a word "icky" but do not be sad because us that are in the know..well ...we know and anyone who doesn't can go find their own hobby. :)


StrangeLikeThat Jan. 25, 2013 @ 10:48 a.m.

Kudos to Sabrina for taking the time to respond to such a slanted article on cosplayers!


Leeloo010101010 Jan. 25, 2013 @ 11:03 a.m.

So glad to see Sabrina share her side of the story and her thoughts on the "Cosplay in the Park" article. When I read it, I was extremely disappointed with the way that the interviewees and cosplayers in general were portrayed. The writer's bias and lack of respect for and interest in the subject were obvious from beginning to end. Thanks to the San Diego Reader for publishing her letter and thanks to Sabrina for speaking up!


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