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San Diego's 10 Best Movie Theaters

Movie theaters still maintain the magic of moviegoing and, boy, do we need it now. In this issue, we present San Diego's 10 best theaters to get lost in.

Museum of the Living Artist Swaps Halogens with LEDs

Last month, the San Diego Art Institute’s Museum of the Living Artist received a grant from the City of San Diego and San Diego Gas and Electric via the Balboa Park Cultural Partnership. The Energy ...


A poem by Jacqueline Kudler

After the name-tag squinting and the quick refills of Chablis, after the introductions, the recognitions — eighteen-year-old faces peering out from behind time’s compromises in the flesh — after the big- bosomed hugs, the handshakes, ...

Metaphorical Maren

Maren Parusel’s revamped synth-driven sound is revealed on her new album, Tightrope Walker.

I Wait For My Superiors in New York to Scream

“I have to ask you a question: Did you steal those photos?”

Cheap bastards and bottom-feeders.

Wild Pork Wings!

“Actually,” says Joe, “we were arguing over this, me and Doug, the kitchen manager.”

When they make wings out of pork parts and call it bar food, our cheap-eats guy is there to scarf it.

Marfa Moments

Heavy metal art.

Author W.S. Di Piero stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Randy Quaid when the actor was on the lam. This was in Marfa, TX, where Di Piero stuck around to check out the work of Donald Judd.

Paul Kamanski, the Heartbreakers Meets the Black Crowes

Songwriter Paul Kamanski goes way back with Country Dick Montana and that whole Beat Farmers scene.

Hands on a Hardbody's Silhouette of a Band

“A friend of mine, Ray Suen, he’s a local musician. He called me and said that Trey Anastasio [the leader of the band Phish] was looking for musicians and did I want him to submit ...

The Dragon Room at Wong's Golden Palace

The Wong Cup at the right price.

You’ve probably seen Wong’s neon towers glowing along the University Avenue corridor through La Mesa. You probably mistook the place for a drug front or maybe the entrance to a theme park. The truth is ...

Lynch Fever

The Scottsboro Boys at the Old Globe

The nine served time on death row — and heard the electric chair screech when in use.

Sacha Baron Cohen, Past Borat, Past Bruno

Sacha Baron Cohen, finding his face too familiar now (even in disguise) for the hijinks of movies such as Borat and Bruno, assembles a ragtag narrative, pilfered from the headlines of international news. He plays ...

Cirque du Crazy

I have issues with time. Not the laid-back, “I’ll get there when I get there” variety that seems to afflict so many here in San Diego. My time issues are more Swiss-German. I was standing ...

Oakzanita Peak & Descanso Creek

Nearly ten years after the Cedar Fire, Descanso Creek is showing many signs of life.

A great hike in spring to early summer to catch blooming chaparral and annual wildflowers while bagging a peak with an inspiring view.

Rock and Roll Is About Money

Oceanside hard-rockers Red Wizard find that "it’s hard for a band to get any exposure now unless they’re paying for it."

First Position: Some Humanity, Not Hoop Dreams

Filmmakers follow the lives of several aspiring ballet dancers from around the globe (ages 9 to 19) as they train for the Youth America Grand Prix, a prestigious dance competition in New York City that ...

May Star’s Diamond Dust Debuts at Kitty Diamond

After nearly seven years of curating the monthly Fashion Whore (largely at the Ruby Room), Club Pop, and other club parties, promoter May Star is dropping her usual dance nights to initiate a new monthly ...

We Have a Pope: A “What If” Meditation on the Passing of the Papal Torch

Director and co-writer Nanni Moretti presents us with a “what if” meditation on the passing of the papal torch. Following the death of the old Pope, the conclave of Cardinals elects Father Melville (played with ...

Grace Under Lobbying

Former San Diego County Regional Airport Authority boardmember Xema Jacobson, once business manager for the San Diego County Building Trades Council and an ex–chief of staff to Democratic city councilwoman Marti Emerald, is now in ...

The Astroturfing of Carmel Valley

Our roots are grass.

What better way to defeat a grassroots movement than to create an astroturf campaign? That’s what residents of Carmel Valley believe Kilroy Realty is doing to gain approval for its massive mixed-use project, One Paseo. ...

Did Sempra Bribe Mexicans?

Did Sempra Energy pass bribes to officials in Mexico to grease construction projects there? Then, when a whistle-blower complaint was filed, did the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Federal Bureau of Investigation permit Sempra ...

Lobbyist Joins Fluoridation Plot

One very busy city hall lobbyist is Richard Ledford, the former aide to GOP ex-mayor Susan Golding. According to his most recent disclosure filing, covering the first three months of this year, Ledford got $8000 ...

Chickens, Breasts, and Cancer: Discuss

Gross: Do chickens get breast cancer tumors? Grosser: Can you catch cancer from eating chicken breast tumors? New subject: how about that phantom electricity?

Bow Before the King

Thursday 17Soda Bar delivers Baby Buffalo Thursday night. Rami and Odie have been a duo since the first grade, finding common ground in hip-hop music and playing with bees. The Buffalo babies have relocated to ...

Sheriff's Department Seeks Riot Gear

San Diego County sheriff Bill Gore is back shopping for riot gear. This time the FBI veteran is in the market for nineteen 40mm pump-action “multi-launchers.” Made by Penn Arms of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, the town ...

Detergent for Sensitive Skin

Learn to make — or buy — detergent for sensitive, rash-prone skin.

Devotional Diva®

A blogger says her Faithbook of Jesus could not have been written without inspiration from a lousy roommate.

The business of God appealed to Steven Myatt

Pastor Steven Myatt intended to become a businessman. But he thought there had to be more to life.

Plants and Animals Has Got a Beat, and You Can Dance to It

“Make a tricky record,” Warren Spicer once said, “and then spend the next year learning how to play it live.” He co-founded Plants and Animals, a Montreal indie trio, and, yes, their music is tricky. ...

Spiritualized: Best When It Breaks Down

When the Spiritualized song “Hey Jane” began streaming online a few months ago, a friend of mine said it was really good...and then it went off the rails. I told him I thought it didn’t ...