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City Farmers proprietor Bill Tall raises plants and animals

His entire family lived at the nursery

Bill Tall smells like sawdust and dirt. He reminds me of my father. Bill always wears the same thing: a green City Farmers Nursery T-shirt, yellow suspenders that look like measuring tape, and jeans. At ...

Sweetwater Union HS District Board Meeting Skips Public Comment

The Sweetwater Union High School District board is beleaguered. Two trustees, Arlie Ricasa and Pearl Quiñones, and former superintendent Jesus Gandara are under indictment. Two additional boardmembers, John McCann and Jim Cartmill, are the subjects ...

Loving, Hating, and Eating Frozen Fruit Bars

Fruit-bar feeding frenzy (voracious lip-smacking included).

Céu Can Make Starbucks Interesting

My friend Dan recommended that I check out the Brazilian singer Céu, but he was a little embarrassed about it. “She’s kind of a Starbucks artist,” he said. I knew what he meant: to call ...

Tabloid, Masques, Something Wicked This Way Comes: Watch It at Home

Daria Matza Producer of Styria Into the Abyss is an intriguing documentary by Werner Herzog about a death-row inmate days before his execution. While the interview with him doesn’t yield much, the other people that ...

Here's the Deal: Porter's Pub

Porter’s Pub at UCSD, known for its underwhelming vittles and exceptional all-ages music venue.

Batiquitos Lagoon

View salt-marsh plants year round and shorebirds especially during spring and winter migrations.

Mario Escovedo on Balboa Park, Moths, and Mowgli

Mario Escovedo, a Dragon unashamed to stand up for the Carpenters.


The Big C — Courage Rashida McElvene showed physical, moral, and spiritual courage in her willingness to give up her life to protect and save another’s (“Is That a Woman He’s Beating Up Like That?” ...

Pedal, pedal, pedal the boat

Against the current

I rearranged my legs with more force than necessary. The wooden bed-frame creaked, and I followed the note with an overtly audible adjusting of my half of the comforter, balling it up so I could ...

Return of the Cart People

Golf pro and golf-cart driver Casey Martin won his U.S. Supreme Court case against PGA Tour, Inc.

Sniper’s roost

San Diego county sheriff Bill Gore has put out word that he’s in the market for 25 brand-new Smith & Wesson M&P15 AR .223 rifles, each to be equipped with an EOtech 512A65 holographic weapon ...

Trucked In

Pierogies and banh mi — two specialty delicacies sold off San Diego food trucks.

Local TV News is Non-News

Local TV news under the microscope after being declared “non-news” by a letter writer to Matthew Alice.

David Elliott's Final Column

This is my farewell column, but not a whine about leaving the Reader. The problems of movie critics don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world. And it would be bad form ...

New New Music

UCSD composer, performer, and teacher Christopher Adler talks about San Diego New Music, a local nonprofit.

Longtime Tranny Dream

Brian Karscig of the Nervous Wreckords always wanted to put a transsexual on the cover of one of his albums.

Dollar drain

As money troubles continue to pile up at San Diego State University’s owned-and-operated KPBS public broadcasting operation, the university’s tax-exempt foundation is advertising for help. According to a job notice recently posted on the nonprofit’s ...

Kirk Lee Aeder's book about surfer Chris O’Rourke

The meteoric rise and fall of a local wave-rider

Surfing photographer Kirk Lee Aeder, who has lived in Hawaii since 1985, talked recently about the subject of his new book, Child of the Storm. The 306-page book, from Mutual Publishing in Honolulu, is an ...

Jesus and Mary and Brad

Brad Davidson’s band the Wipers inspired Kurt Cobain to start Nirvana.

Food from the horse’s mouth

So-called behesting, the process by which state and local politicians request — and sometimes pressure — lobbyists and other special interests to give money to their favorite charities, is alive and well in San Diego. ...

Celebration Rock

Thursday 14Mini Apple pop-punk act Motion City Soundtrack rolls into Casbah with the release of their fifth Epitaph disc, Go, which dropped Tuesday into eager emo hands. The quintet has been hitting it since 1997 ...

Remnants of the Sun and Moon

D.H. Lawrence believed that the earth and sky gods are still with us, active in what he called our “blood consciousness,” but have been repressed by Christian “education.” In his novel The Plumed Serpent, two ...

Will Brain Damage Kill Football?

The Fate of the Tobacco Industry May Provide a Blueprint

Professional football takes a blow to the head. Military combat personnel in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars may suffer the same kind of brain damage as professional football players.

One Day Rhett Miller's Gonna Take Off

Songs about big regret for the terminally hip is Rhett Miller at his worst. But at his best he’s like that person in your creative-writing class back in college who always had better plot lines ...

Where God Is Always Happy

The doctor, on the phone, suggests to the patient that she breathe through her…posterior?

The Big Noise: The Free Speech Fight of 1912, Part Four

Free-speech protesters got the fire hose.

San Diego city officials turned the fire hose on free-speech protesters — not last year, but 100 years ago.

The church has moved from “service” to “serve us”

Interview with Palisades Presbyterian Pastor Harvey Throop

Interview with pastor Harvey Throop of Palisades Presbyterian Church in Allied Gardens.

Not Forgotten

I love the way the black ants use their dead. They carry them off like warriors on their steel backs. They spend hours struggling, lifting, dragging (it is not grisly as it would be for ...