So I keep seeing this theme emerge in the media. They keep doing stories on how this or that candidate raised sooo much money as if that means the people love them. Since when is the fact that special interests are throwing tons of money at you a good thing? And they know how to do it. Alot of it is in the max contributions, but most of it is in the $100 or less category so it doesnt have to be registered and thus they can count it as non-special interest.

And the really big one is the "independent expenditures" which allows a "group" of anyone to spend money on a campaign as long as they dont do it through the candidate.

This is how McMillin managed to spent over $16,000 flying a small plane around towing a Goldsmith banner. We are still looking into the legality of this.

Look at the big money makers...Jan Goldsmith, April Boling, Todd Gloria. What a coincidence these are the candidates the Building Industry is Assoc endorsing.

So how much would they really have if you took all that away (and I mean all of it--the lobbyist money, the developers attorneys, the "independent expenditures", etc) Then compare that to the other guys. The guys that the rest of us like, Mikey, Whitburn, Sherri Lightner...the ones who show up to community debates and answer questions. That speaks volumes to me.

Pat Flannery, a wonderful blogger that I admire immensely said it best when he said "if Aguirre doesn't win, its over".

We HAVE to take our city back. If Goldsmith was really the guy, don't you think they would allow him to attend community debates and talk to us. Don't let them pull the wool over your eyes.

Walk your ballots or yourselves into the registrars office. It is your right to cast your vote right there where no one can put it in an unsealed box to be delivered to the registrars.

Com'on everyone, its not over.


conasta Oct. 27, 2008 @ 3:11 p.m.

Maybe if we got a non-Republican mayor in office things would change, but OOOHHH NOOOO! San Diegans are stupid enough to keep voting in the same and expect a different outcome. Answer: Get a clue San Diego!


historymatters Oct. 27, 2008 @ 4:55 p.m.

Thanks conasta, We have to fight hard. Here is the Building Industry Voter Guide--Please pass it along to all your friends--its exactly who and what NOT to vote for...


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