Growing up in San Diego I have learned to be suspicious of everything, and when I saw how fast Jan Goldsmith appeared on the scene for the city attorney race alarms went off all over the place!

Immediately, I logged onto the Center for Policy Initiatives under "Follow the Money" and searched for answers. Much to my non-suprise I saw immediately who wanted him; real estate developers, investment bankers and Tony Krvaric, disgraced President of the GOP and Fairlight PC where he was charged with illegal piracy. Many GOP members called for his resignation. Com'on, when you are too corrupt to lead the Republican Party...thats a problem.

But all the press is so favorable of Goldsmith---I wonder why the UT would want him? Does anyone else see the pattern that the UT pushes all the Building Industry, special interest choices. Here's a general rule of thumb I follow...anytime the UT is pushing a candidate run the other way!!!

Why won't Jan show up for a single community candidate forum? He blew us off in University Heights. Mike Aguirre was kind enough to show and answer our questions about development. Is Jan's strategy to fly under the radar so you can't see how slimey he is? Seems pretty clear to me, he is going for the "I am not Mike Aguirre vote and I am a judge".

Well what kind of judge is he?

Apparently, not a great one according to . Both him and his wife received "F"s.

Here's the link...

I wonder if it had anything to do with this story : "California Superior Court Judge Jan Goldsmith Allegedly Tries to Cover-Up Campaign Contributions from Indian Casino While Ruling on Indian Casino Issues"

Here's the story...

"As a Judge, Goldsmith has ruled on serious and vital Court matters regarding Indian Gambling Casinos and claiming to be impartial, however, a motion that was filed on January 10, 2008, illustrates a clear bias and favoritism in Court rulings for Indian Casinos. "

"He ...collected a total of $26,000 from these tribal governments, in addition to a contribution of $1,000 from [another tribe in Riverside County]. ..Tribal governments were the third highest contributors to Judge Goldsmith's campaign. In 1996, Judge Goldsmith is believed to have received $19,000 from Viejas Band of Kumeyaay Indians."

OK, I get it, he can be bought! Thats why the BIA loves him, not for his "impartiality". His political beliefs are whatever you pay him to believe and the BIA has plenty of money to buy plenty of "beliefs". Hence this story in the Voice about how McMillin paid a plane to fly the Goldsmith signs all over town.

Isn't integrity an important factor in choosing a city attorney--especially if that city attorney is supposed to be a "judge" of all things? There is nothing worse than a corrupt judge in political office. Anyone remember Dick Murphy?

Maybe the "F" had to do with his uber right wing politics. The Republican and Christian Right put him in a seat in Sacramento and then bestowed upon him a judgeship. One popular story alleges he was so anti- gay, and equated AIDS as "only" from that community, that when a boy with aids came into his courtroom he ordered a cleaning crew to wash down everything in the room with bleach.

Maybe it was his record on a woman's right to choose.

From Voice of San Diego "Goldsmith was absent at many of the votes Planned Parenthood deemed vital to its cause. Then, in 1997, Goldsmith voted against the organization's position on every one of the 13 pieces of legislation Planned Parenthood supported."

Then there is the police report that alleges domestic violence against his wife, which he contends is irrelevant because it was many years ago and she forgave him. Maybe I am being ridiculous, but I prefer a city attorney that has never beat his wife.

I don't know, there is just something creepy about this guy. He has already said that he will do nothing about the pension lawsuit. I think most of us want to see the pension lawsuit through. And before you Aguirre bashers go off on how expensive that would be, Mike won us 94.5 million dollars in the De La Fuente case---I, for one would love to see some of those winnings go into fighting a billion dollar pension scandal.

And Mike, whatever you may say about him, has fought tirelessly for the citizens. And I would much rather have someone a bit overzealous, obsessed with fighting corruption who cant be bought (this is why the unions, the BIA, the city hate him so much) than a Jan Goldsmith who was hand chosen for his willingness and ability to do nothing (oh yeah and for his maleable belief system)---to maintain the status quo. Do you really think the Building Industry chose him because he is going to uncover corruption? Think SEDC and CCDC.

I like that Aguirre has a great reputation as father and apparently has a very affable relationship with his ex-wife. Maybe that isn't relevant to the Aguirre bashers, but I am all about character now and that speaks volumes to me. But what do I know, I have always been a rebel rouser and I like my politicians scrappy, unconventional, and ready to challenge any and all corruption!

I hope people will really look closely at Goldsmith. Yeah the press on him is very light, but ask why. And if you start digging you see that there is actually plenty of disturbing press---you just won't find it in the UT.


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