According to the latest surveyusa poll, Goldsmith is up by about 10 points.

So I guess their strategy of keeping Goldsmith away from any community or public forums to discuss his beliefs worked! I guess he is winning the "Im a Judge, you can trust me vote".

Man, what a bummer. I hope people will rally their friends, parents, grandparents, pets, anyone to the polls to keep this guy from winning. Com'on look at the BIA voter guide--he is #1 on the list.

Do you think the Building Industry wants him there because he is going to uncover corruption in CCDC or SEDC or because he will protect the 100s of elderly residents of a mobile home park in Grantville being evicted so Archstone can build more condos to add to our glut?

Do you think McMillin paid more than $16,000 to fly Goldsmith banners around this town because he is will protect the little historic fabric that is left in this city,

This is beyond comprehension that San Diego would rather elect someone that has an "F" rating as a judge, that has opposed a woman's right to choose, that has a police record of domestic violence over Mike Aguirre, an overzealous maverick obsessed with uncovering corruption.

Is this really what we want?

I hope everyone will think long and hard about this one. Didn't we learn our lesson from Dick Murphy that "Judge" doesn't mean integrity or honesty or bipartisanship?

And how about Sanders and Landsdowne and their tricks. The Hatch Act prohibits Federal employees or employees receiving Federal funds from using their position to effect an election result. Isnt that exactly what this press conference was about?

Im just curious, does the law actually mean anything anymore?

Does the constitution even still exist?

I feel like Im in Groundhogs day where we keep making the same mistakes over and over again. This is easy, look at that BIA voter guide and pick the opposite. I mean that is more helpful to me than all the campaign literature you could send me.

Voters, you are the last, best hope of this city. Its up to you.


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