As an official S Dub (Stephen Whitburn supporter) I pay close attention to the signage. I noticed that Gloria's people had torn down all the Stephen Whitburn signs along Park Blvd---How do I know it was Gloria people, because miraculously all the Todd Gloria signs next to Stephen's still remain. They even tore down the Stephen Whitburn/Obama/proposition 2 (for the animals) signs that were painted by my 8year old neighbors and given to me to post. What kind of heartless crew is behind this campaign?

To me, it tells the whole story. Todd can't play fair. He knows his people are doing this. They do it all the time. The sign in my front yard was torn up many times. The sign in front of my friend's yard on Park and Robinson was torn up many times. He doesn't say anything to his followers like, "lets win this fair and square and not sink to low levels of vandalism". He doesn't because he and his campaigners have decided that they will do ANYTHING to win even if that means cheating or lying.

Whitburn HQ has reports from people of Todd knocking on their door and telling outright lies about Stephen, saying "he is trying to buy this campaign and it will all be paid for by developers". I have first hand reports of his people lying about Todd being the Democratic party choice when he is not--it wasn't even close Todd. You were voted down by an overwhelming majority, so stop lying to people. They wouldn't even consider you seriously because of all your Republican money! But don't worry, you definitely have the endorsement of the GOP. After all you are at the top of the Building Industry's voter guide.


And stop telling people Donna Frye is behind you. She is not. She is 100% behind Stephen because he has demonstrated integrity.

And your flyers are laughable--I mean a firefighter in full gear holding back a massive fire--as if the October wildfires came anywhere close to District 3, and as if this firefighter is waving his big hose around, thinking "man I wish Todd was in charge of this District", and as if its even actually the firefighters who support you--its not--its their union leader Ron Saathof who was just indicted on more corruption charges the other day and it is Battalion Chiefs who make over $250,000 a year protecting their way over inflated salaries and pensions, when we can't afford to pay rookies anything and we don't even have enough money for the firefighting equipment we really need.

And your flyer with a giant picture of the Democratic Donkey saying the "Democratic Choice", that is dishonest and misleading when the Democratic Party decidely said they did not want you representing them. Oh and I just got your latest today "Todd Gloria, the Hometown Democrat", yeah hometown in that you were bought and paid for by the developers in the way that only San Diego can.

After this is over you will be lucky if the Democratic Party ever accepts you after you intentionally tried to make people think you were being endorsed by the Democratic Party.

Todd has figured out the only way he can win this race is with trickery and lying straight out of the George Bush GOP playbook. I mean really Todd, if you really have what it takes to win, then win based on merit, not lies and vandalism. To me it speaks volumes about my gut instinct not to support you and to support Stephen.

Hillary lost the Presidential nomination because she would do ANYTHING to win and Todd is doing the same thing except even worse. I will be embarrassed if Todd is representing me in District 3.

If anyone sees Gloria's people tearing down Whitburn signs break out your cell phone cameras and snap a picture. I want to see this slimeball's face who doesn't respect ANYONE'S freedom of speech. I have a feeling I know who it is and so does Todd.



Stephen_Davis_from_South_Park Oct. 28, 2008 @ 11:07 p.m.

Such a joke.

When will you learn that this election is about issues.

Issue #1: Why hasn't Stephen Whitburn come clean about the nearly $200,000 that he's used of his own money to grease his campaign?

Remember, Whitburn works as a PR rep for a non-profit. Salary: ~$55,000.

Whitburn owns NO assests, besides an old car.

Whitburn has refused to donate to charities in the past, claiming he "doesn't have enough money."

Yet, Whitburn has nearly $200K to dump into his campaign?

Here's an irrifutable fact: Whitburn just moved to town a few years ago and he's trying to buy the election. Reject shady politicians, reject Whitburn.

Fact #2: Whitburn has screeching minions posing as District 3 residents, like Fred Williams. Don't trust him. He's a tired old hack, just like Whitburn.

Election Day is a chance to move forward, that's why I support 3rd generation, native, Democrat Todd Gloria for City Council.


Fred Williams Oct. 29, 2008 @ 8:50 a.m.

Tearing down signs is childish.

Tearing down signs that little kids make is just ugly and vindictive.

It shows the level of Gloria's supporters, frightened at the prospect that they won't get their way anymore and throwing a tantrum.

One week to go...then we'll have Stephen Whitburn providing some adult leadership in District 3.


Fred Williams Oct. 29, 2008 @ 8:40 a.m.

Another day, another fake post from fake Stephen_"Todd Gloria"_Davis not from South Park.

This election IS about issues.

Who will dominate the City Council? Reformers or insiders?

Stephen Whitburn is a reformer. Gloria is an insider who just got the benefit of another $11,000 in independent expenditures from developers, bankers, and Republican fat-cats who want to keep our city's culture of corruption.

I'm proud to live in Normal Heights and even provide my picture on my blog to show my identity. I use my real name, and never hide behind an alias like these professional political prostitutes who will do or say anything to win an election.

If you want to change San Diego, vote for Stephen Whitburn.


district3resident Oct. 29, 2008 @ 9:20 a.m.

For the Truth, go here:


historymatters Oct. 29, 2008 @ 12:12 p.m.

"Irrifutable", here is the 1st problem, your spelling. "irrefutable" is the word and there is nothing irrefutable about what you allege. These allegations remind me of 6th grade when you would turn a paper in and your teacher would accuse it of being BS because you clearly didnt actually read the homework because none of your arguments are substantiated by supporting evidence.

The idea that Stephen moved here to be in politics and buy an election: give me facts, I want to see e-mails he sent, faxes, letters, anything that proves this was his intention. You have nothing to prove this was his intention, nothing.


LesleeA Oct. 29, 2008 @ 12:42 p.m.

I am a volunteer for Todd Gloria's campaign. I have walked at least 6 weekends for Todd, and have come across a number of homes who have said that their yard Todd Gloria signs were stolen. One woman said that it was the SECOND time her sign was stolen. Todd and his team told me that these shenanigans happened in the primary as well, and that his team doesn't endorse that type of behavior. Also, in his speeches to his volunteers before they head out to walk, he has NEVER said that he has the support of Donna Frye or the Democratic Party. He is a really honest and forthright person. It's unfortunate that the person who previously posted has such loathe for a guy who has grown up in SD trying to give back to the community.


historymatters Oct. 29, 2008 @ 4:37 p.m.

What did you lose 1 or 2 signs? I dont know a single soul on Whitburns team that would sink that low.

Gloria's people on the other hand, we get phone calls everyday about the lies Todd himself is telling people. They are tearing down ALL our signs. We constantly have to go out and replace them. I don't see that happening w/ you guys at all.

Obviously he has some people walking for him that will say anything. People wouldnt go out of their way to call and tell us if they weren't.

You guys have really made some good solid citizens angry and we are motivated.


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