Blue and gold Stephen Whitburn signs keep on appearing on my neighbor's lawns. I just noticed some new ones today.

I also noticed that Ron Saatoff just got some more indictments for his role in creating our billion dollar pension debt. Ron Saathoff's fire union guys are going around putting up Gloria signs on vacant lots. That seems to sum up the race.

The special interests who want to keep San Diego just the way it is are funneling money into Gloria's race. Just take a moment to observe where Gloria signs are posted the most: liquor stores and construction sites. When I saw the gigantic purple signage first appear last August I was intrigued and a bit suspicious. How does this guy already have SO much money more than a year before the race? Private citizens don't start donating money a year and a half before a race. I started asking questions about what Todd's supporters wanted in exchange for providing voluminous purple signage.

I know what Whitburn supporters want. We want change. We may not be wealthy insiders, but there's more of us. We can't be fooled by pretty purple signs, or pretty purple plastic promises. Gloria sounds sweet, but really he's just more of the same. Wasn't this confirmed by Atkin's endorsement? Wasn't it reconfirmed by Todd's list of campaign contributors which is saturated with city insiders and lobbyists like Aimee Faucett –Chief of Staff to Councilmember Jim Madaffer, Katie Keach: Previous staff person for District 2 Councilman Michael Zucchett (he resigned in disgrace), Elizabeth Kinsley – Chief of Staff to Council President Scott Peters, Walmart and strip club lobbyist Lou Wolfsheimer, Sunroad lobbyist, Mitch Berner, Building Industry President Sherm Harmer, Perry Dealy, the President and CEO of Manchester and on and on.

Not to Mention the list of questionable names under federal investigation that love Todd. Todd is in trouble for soliciting contributions from CCDC members including Nancy Graham. And before you say "that was just a mistake in mass- e-mailing, he didn't realize they were government employees", well he sent her at least 9 emails requesting money, and an unknown number of phone calls and letters. The emails are available for all to see at VOSD.

He also took contributions from disgraced CCDC board members Jennifer LeSar (Atkins life partner), Fred Maas, and Kim Kilkenny.

So lets see, we have:

1: Ron Saathoff, head of the firefighters union (and by the way it is not police and fire endorsing Todd, Its the police and fire UNION leaders--the ones that got us into the pension mess) who was just indicted on corruption charges,

2: We have Nancy Graham who is currently under federal investigation for corruption on CCDC, and dont forget good ol'

3: Lou Wolfsheimer. If the name sounds familiar its because he was the guy under federal investigation in the saga of illegal campaign contributions to illicit favors in the SD strip club scandal. The scandal resulted in 2 council members being forced to resign.

But hey, its not Todd's fault. He cant keep track of the tidal wave of campaign cash being thrown his way by sketchy people. They just like him because he's going to fight for the citizens right? Just because they are criminals by day doesn't mean that they aren't good people in their private lives. Todd welcomes everyone---and I do mean everyone. Because that is far more commendable than saying "no" and putting your entire life savings on the line to help finance a campaign.

Whitburn knows it's going to take courage to change San Diego. He's shown that courage in backing Donna Frye. He's shown courage by putting his entire savings on the line. Imagine that--a candidate that owns himself.

Stephen Whitburn stands for reform. Gloria's just another nice sounding name for the same old stupid story.

I hope you will take the time to do your own research and I hope you will join the community in supporting a genuine agent of change, someone with genuine endorsements and genuine money from respectable people including himself to prove it--Stephen Whitburn.

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Stephen_Davis_from_South_Park Oct. 22, 2008 @ 8:57 a.m.

History_matters you've officially lost your credibility. How dumb do you think voters are?

Whitburn is just another tainted political hack.

Here are FIVE things he is trying to cover up:

(1). He greased his campaign with over $100,000. Surprisingly, Whitburn has no assets besides a 1991 Honda Civic. Where does a person who can’t afford a car with power windows come up with $100,000 for a political race?

Why won’t Whitburn come clean about the source of his money? Was it illegally obtained? If not, is this the type of shabby fiscal management we need at City Hall?

(2). Stephen Whitburn accepted an out-of-state contribution from a Texas attorney at the law firm of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP. This firm was lead counsel for George W. Bush in Bush vs. Gore, which gave Bush the election and sent our country on a spiraling downward path.

Why can’t Stephen Whitburn make better decisions?

(3). Whitburn claims to be a San Diegan, but he is from back East, doesn’t own a home in our City and has moved at least three times in the last 8 years. If elected, most District 3 residents will have been in their area longer than their councilmember. Whitburn is not an involved community member, but instead a calculating opportunist.

Is Whitburn fit to hold office when he has such a limited history and understanding of the District and its needs?

(4). Whitburn’s campaign propaganda claims he will stand up to developers and lobbyists. In fact, Whitburn has accepted thousands of special interest dollars from:

Developers, Real Estate Executives and Mortgage lenders, including campaign cash from firms that have foreclosed on hundreds of San Diego’s working families.

High-priced Downtown Lawyers, including contributions from a law firm whose lead lawyer is in Lompoc Federal Prison for multiple felonies, including, fraud and racketeering.

Oil and Gas Executives responsible for outrageous gas prices that are gouging middle class working families.

If Whitburn is so close to the special interests, aren’t the residents of District 3 sure to lose with Steven Whitburn? How can the voters put their trust in a candidate that says one thing and does another?

(5). Whitburn proudly touts the endorsements he received from a convicted criminal. John Hartley, a former candidate for District 3, plead guilty to a lewd conduct in public charge during the election and is listed as a proud supporter of Whitburn. After his plea, Hartley was banned from his day job-- substitute teaching in the San Diego Unified School District. Is this someone you would be proud to have support you?

With this impaired judgment, is there any question why law enforcement has refused to endorse Whitburn’s candidacy for City Council?


historymatters Oct. 22, 2008 @ 2:52 p.m.

Dear Stephen, I guess this means you are the offianado on credibility issues. I stand behind facts, strictly facts. Please list the 1000s in developer money he took. If you have facts, lets see them. I am willing to give Todd alot of slack--I mean if Todd had taken "some" developer money, like from 1,2 maybe 3 developers. I would say OK maybe some slipped through the cracks, but come on, the 2 candidates do not even compare on that issue. I can give you facts all day long. And John Hartley...please, if Todd had received that endorsement from the 3rd highest vote getter, he'd be all over it. Since when is Todd's campaign fundamentalist Christian? Are you proud of an indicted strip club lobbyist, Wolfsheimer. I'll take strippers prostitutes etc any day over their lobbyists.

And this ludicrous argument that he took money from "firms", you yourself have argued a candidate cant receive money from a "firm", only an individual. Who are the individuals that have given Stephen money that you are referring to (not who works at their company). In the case of Perry Dealy, yeah he works FOR Manchester but as their president and CEO. In the case of Epsilon, the people work FOR Epsilon, but they are all high ups like CEO, contract procurement, owner, people that have a huge financial stake and have publicly touted their need of the Manchester project.

Lets agree to stick w/ facts--think court of law--what would hold up, what would not. I like to play fair because when you tell the truth, its easy because the truth speaks for itself--there is no need to embellish or conjure connections that do not exist.


daisydukes Oct. 22, 2008 @ 3:31 p.m.

Wow, I've never heard Stephen Whitburn say he's "from San Diego." In fact, he will tell you about living in Chicago, Texas and Albany, New York. As far as taking a campaign contribution from an out-of-stater, how does that compare to all the money Todd has taken from the entire Baldwin family of developers who live in Orange County, or the dozens of people who reside in the environs of Wshington, D.C,? Why do those people care who gets elected to our City Council from D3? Just in the last quarter filing statements along, Todd had twenty registered Ciy lobbyists, all with developer clients, donating to his campaign. Whitburn had Marco Gonzalez, the guy who lobbies for Surfrider and Coastkeeper. Todd's lobbyists represent 301 University, Sunroad, Kensington Terrace, Our Lady of Peace, Sudberry, McMillin, you name it.... There is no comparison. Todd gets his money from developers; Whitburn got his by earning it and by being frugal, living in a one bedroom rented apartment and driving an old car. And Todd heard Stephen say publicly that he saved that moeny for a time when he wanted to do something important. So either come up with some real facts that counter that false accustation, or shut up.


daisydukes Oct. 22, 2008 @ 9:44 p.m.

And I might add, "Stephen Davis", that on Sept. 9th at a Hillcrest Town Council candidates' forum, Whitburn said he wished "he were fortunate enough to be from San Diego, but said his background as a journalist covering different cities around the country has afforded him knowledge of the inner workings and contrasting approaches of city government." That was reported in the Reader in an article on the 12th, and you provided a comment on that article. So you can drop the baloney about Whitburn saying he's from San Diego. He's never said that; it's only you saying that. You are also the only person claiming that Whitburn is financing his money from a) trust fund money, or b) mysterious sources, which in your mind can't possibly include his own savings account. Since Todd is pulling down a 6 figure salary working for Susan Davis, and lives with his partner, an attorney, I figure if he wasn't blowing his money on those Armani suits, he, too, could finance his campaign instead of taking all those bundled donations from the BIA and the Chamber of Commerce and the McMillin Company and the Sudberrys and the Baldwins and every Republican player in town. Someday that bill is going to come due, and Todd boy knows how to pay it - just like his mentor and predecessor, Toni Atkins has been paying it - one vote at a time for every infill development project that comes before the Council.


dylan_shaw Oct. 22, 2008 @ 11:26 p.m.

The posting by Todd Davis From South Park was laughable.

Todd refers to the law firm Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP as if it were part of a right wing conspiracy that somehow involves Stephen Whitburn.

That is pretty funny because if you look at who the firm donated money to, it is a long list of Democrat icons: Joseph Biden, Dianne Feinstein, Henry Waxman, Harold Ford, Junior to name a few. The firm obviously likes talent when they see it, so no wonder they'd want to donate to Stephen Whitburn.

The suggestion Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP was responsible for 8 years of Bush is pretty comical.

Todd doesn't talk much anymore about having worked for a while with Hillary Clinton. Too bad, otherwise he'd have to admit Hillary Clinton did the same dastardly deed that he says Whitburn is doing: loaning his campaign his own money. A lot of great candidates have done that--and for good reason. You're not beholden to anybody.

The rest of this tossed spaghetti that Todd Davis is trying to stick to the wall isn't much better or accurate either.

I think it is time look at what really is going on here. These are words of a desperate candidate and/or supporters going negative. It is they who assume the voters are stupid and can't see what is happening.

Vote Whitburn to Change City Hall and take it away from the special interests and developers.


Fred Williams Oct. 23, 2008 @ 7:12 a.m.

Go to the County Registrar of Voters and search for "Stephen Davis" in District 3.

"Stephen Davis" doesn't exist.

Todd Gloria, why are you posting lies using a pseudonym?

That's Gloria's whole campaign in a nutshell. Telling lies. Attacking an honorable man who is willing to spend his life savings to do what's right for San Diego, all the while denying the obvious truth that Todd Gloria is under the complete control of his pay masters in the development industry.

"Stephen Davis" is a fabrication...just like Todd Gloria.

Look my name up at the Registrar. I'm a genuine voter in District 3. I don't have to hide behind a fake name.

Todd Gloria is a pathetic cardboard cutout of a fraud who will do anything to get into office, including making up false allegations against Whitburn. It's deliberate, and a strong reason to never vote for Todd Gloria, a political prostitute so desperate for power that he can never be trusted.


Fred Williams of Normal Heights


historymatters Oct. 23, 2008 @ 8:52 p.m.

I dont think Gloria was counting on such a tough fight--Im pretty sure he thought he had this one in the bag--thats probably what his supporters told him. Sorry Todd, there is too much at stake.


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