Wow, this race is getting exciting! I have a hard time getting into politics unless there is some serious scandal and luckily I live in D3 where scandal abounds! But what else would you expect from a district where one candidate's biggest supporter and cheerleader is an infamous overly melodramatic drag queen diva, named Nicole Ramirez.

Clawgate: aptly named for the handshake between what Fred Williams eloquently describes as "a reddish hand with "Lee (Press-on) Nails Black Extreme" and some unnamed seedy politician, has taken a new turn as the UT has gone into panic mode launching a massive damage control effort for developer golden boy Todd Gloria.

Someone (and that someone may have even been Todd) is really regretting a mailer that they created which was meant to nail Stephen Whitburn with an iron clad list of his "special interests" and prove to people once and for all that Todd was the candidate for the people and Stephen was the candidate for the developers.

The problem, the "list" that they are so proud of, is a list of solid, upright citizens that have led the fight against bad development

The other problem: the flyer was paid for by one of those "independent expenditure" committees, composed of developers.

I don't think they thought people pay attention to such insignificant details. But what can we say, the S Dubs are very nerdy, we pay attention to everything.

So the U-T, in the "11th hour" writes a piece that is supposed to make everything OK. The doesnt say ANYTHING.

Here is Todd's famous quote; "I cannot speak to the factual accuracy of the mailer in question. I do believe that negative campaigning distracts from the issues of importance to District 3 voters," he said.

It does huh? Than why in the world did you just allow your campaign to send out the biggest hit piece in decades and why do you allow your mouthpiece, Nicole Ramirez, to constantly assault the integrity of Stephen and his supporters.

case and point: this latest story:

"Whitburn Supporters Threaten Business People".

And you can't speak to the factual accuracy? really? Can you speak to the factual accuracy of anything in your campaign? Todd, this is a real problem. How are you suppose to lead us when you can't speak to the factual accuracy of people working for you.

So then the UT comes up with this brilliant piece:

Surely this will fix it! We will call it "Welcome to Hell Week For Politics". That way people will just think this is business as usual in politics and will compare it to other mailers and imply there is nothing new or unusual here.

"As is common with these 11th-hour pieces -- to which candidates usually don't have time to mount a counter-attack mailing -- there are funny tactics in addition to below-the-belt slurs and caricatures of the other side."

"Funny tactics", like slandering your constituents. I get it. This was all a funny joke. Everyone relax. I mean com'on, Whitburn is playing the same funny tactics game:

"District 3 candidate Stephen Whitburn's campaign issued fliers criticizing opponent Todd Gloria for accepting donations from developers and lobbyists. One side boasts a fanciful depiction of the "lobbyists": Several gray-haired men in dark suits holding champagne flutes at a cocktail party. Whitburn's campaign said it's a stock photo."

What!!! Stephen is using stock photos! How scandalous. OK now I see the 2 mailers are clearly the same.

Thank God the fair and balanced, unbiased UT is here to clarify things.

Im sorry UT. This is lame. Are you guys really that arrogant that you think you can just call a writer and tell them you need a damage control piece. And then give us a piece that just lists every political mailer and you think that we will think its the same? This is a major insult to the intelligence of the citizens. You are wasting your time with these fluff pieces. We know the truth.

The UT and the developer GOP are one in the same. Your trick of dressing up your favorite Republican as a Democrat is not working. We're tired of tricks, we'd like our treat please!

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Hillcrest_Preservationist Oct. 31, 2008 @ 3:10 p.m.

Hi. Golden Boy's boys have sent another attack on Stephen out today. Paid for by the same shady bunch of GOP operatives. His other operatives are trying to make it appear that HE is the Democratic candidate and that he is a practically Obama-like agent of change. As IF! Voters in Distict Three can see through Todd Gloria. VOTE DEMOCRATIC ENDORSED WHITBURN FOR CHANGE!


Stephen_Davis_from_South_Park Oct. 31, 2008 @ 3:44 p.m.

The CityBeat says Whitburn, "came to San Diego six years ago in search of a career in politics."

Coupled with the fact that Whitburn has dumped over $240,000 of his own, unaccounted for campaign cash into his coffers, would lead anyone to the logical conclusion that Whitburn is a carpetbagging political opportunist trying to buy the 3rd Council District seat.


San Diego Women's Democratic Club FDR Democratic Club San Diego Young Democrats Democratic Congresswoman Susan Davis Democratic former State Senator Jim Mills Democratic State Senator Denise Ducheny Democratic Councilwoman Toni Atkins Democratic former State Senator Dede Alpert Progressive San Diego Democratic Congresswoman candidate Francine Busby Chicano Democratic Association Planned Parenthood Action Fund United Domestic Workers of America GLBT Vote 2008 Gay & Lesbian Times CityBeat ...the list goes on and on....



historymatters Oct. 31, 2008 @ 7:55 p.m.

You forgot the most important: THE ORGANIZATION THAT DOES ENDORSE TODD: THE BUILDING INDUSTRY--He is at the top of the list. Why dont you put that on your flyer? They are the largest org in San Diego--Arent you proud of that huge endorsement?

These aren't exactly the "best" and most reliable endorsements. I mean, you dont have the endorsement of THE Democratic Party or the Sierra Club and the vote was not even close.

Susan Davis voted and supported the War in Iraq The GLT is in bed w/ the developers CityBeat is in bed w/ developers Toni Atkins: I mean do I need to even respond. She is literally in bed w/ a developer and worse a member of CCDC that is currently being investigated by the Feds GLBT: How do you think the Gay and Lesbian Center has sooo much money. The developers and the bar owners keep them fat w/ cash so when they need them they will endorse who they want Senator Jim Mills turned his back on his own legislation and said the Mills Act was overused to save homes. And all these pseudo democratic Organizations, I mean Im sure they are great, but tiny. The people and organizations that really matter could not endorse Todd because of his money. That speaks volumes.


trademan Nov. 1, 2008 @ 11:14 a.m.

thanks so much for bringing this to the forefront. it will be a joyous day within the gay community of san diego that we no longer have 'nicole' as our supposed role model. he along with all of his cohorts will hopefully slither under the rock from which they came. he along with kehoe, atkins and now this todd gloria are among the few that will NOT be missed. i would be glad to return to san diego to be there along with a very thankful community when we see the likes of them go away. pure scum and they bring absolute SHAME to the community.


trademan Nov. 1, 2008 @ 11:39 a.m.

might i add that what 'nicole' was before he came to san diego and what he is now are the best that he'll ever be. and i for one am ever so grateful for that.


Fred Williams Nov. 2, 2008 @ 5:51 a.m.

That the fat, ugly, and utterly talentless Queen Nicole is a baldfaced liar is not news.

That the UT will do anything and slant every "news" story to keep the status quo of corruption on the City Council is not news.

That greedy developers are buying yet another politician, Gloria, is not news.

The news is that in spite of all these hurdles, the Whitburn campaign is pulling ahead in this race.

I'm looking forward to Tuesday night at Golden Hall, where I hope to meet the Gloria staffer who is posing as "Stephen Davis", "kensington", "2muchsense", "district3resident" and even a fictitious "Fred_williams".

I don't take identity theft lightly.


Fred Williams


velo333 Nov. 3, 2008 @ 10:17 a.m.

What disturbs me as a property owner and neighbor of Roxanne Govari is that an officer of the newly formed San Diego Voter Education Project is none other than Paola Avila, "Community Outreach Representative" for The Academy of Our Lady of Peace (or Our Lady of Speed, as it's known in our neighborhood because of the way parents, students, and staff use our neighborhood streets as a private freeway to and from this commuter school). After the City Planning Commission ordered the school to sit down with neighbors and come to a compromise, because they are the "big dog on the block," they refused to alter their approach or to negotiate in any meaningful way. In spite of the school's continuing refusal to work with neighbors, the Planning Commission rubber stamped their proposal for expansion into our neighborhood with no evidence that they had made any effort at all to cooperate. The school then called a meeting of their supporters. The post on their website urged parents and supporters to work together to "thwart" the efforts of its neighbors to seek compromise. Is that the kind of "community outreach" that Paola Avila and Todd Gloria advocate? It is now clear that Todd Gloria's supporters are the same pro-development folks who want to demolish historic resources in our community and push an out-of-scale expansion project into a residential neighborhood. Until I received this ugly hit piece last week, I was undecided about my vote for District 3. Now that I've seen the hand writing on the wall, I know better.


trademan Nov. 7, 2008 @ 1:40 p.m.

it is very disheartening to see that once again money trumps all else. no matter how vile the person may be if they have tons of high end backers behind them they'll always win. it makes me very sad for the city of san diego.


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