Yesterday I attended a press conference regarding the proposed monster towers at 301 University.

City Council Candidate Stephen Whitburn announced that he was opposing this project.

Just a few months ago, residents thought they had prevailed in court when the project was rejected as being inconsistent with the community. Instead of revising the deal to make it better for the neighborhood, the developers had the gall to resubmit the plan...bigger and uglier than before.

Todd Gloria, who seems to be in the pocket of developers, was nowhere to be seen.

I'm supporting Stephen Whitburn not only because Donna Frye has endorsed him, but because it's clear that he has the guts to actually try to change how business is done in San Diego. We need new members of the council who will actually listen to the rest of us, and not serve the well-connected insiders downtown.

Normal Heights is a key battleground in this race, and it's important that we have a representative who cares about us for a change. I'm going to be knocking on doors in the neighborhood asking them to vote for Stephen Whitburn.

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jerome Sept. 10, 2008 @ 7:41 a.m.

yep GLORIA is in the pockets of developers for his benfit. nixon once said "i am not a crook" seems to apply here.

STEVE WHITBURN has integrity, and dan diego development has not become accustomed too that concept.


SouthParkBob Sept. 8, 2008 @ 10:01 p.m.

Actually, Todd came out against the new 301 University project before Stephen did. He has a strong statement saying so on the main page of his web site. Will the Reader be noted as making an in-kind contribution to the Whitburn campaign for publishing this smear against his opponent?


kookoodiego Sept. 11, 2008 @ 7:04 a.m.

These last two comments are absurd. All sorts of candidates receive contributions from businesses. That does NOT mean that they're in their pockets, or that they are corrupt like the former heads of San Diego's redevelopment arms. And let's not forget that Whitburn has received his share of support from business owners and others with interests before the city. Only he received less support.

And anyone trying to link Gloria's service on the housing commission to corruption is just playing sloppy politics. I don't just mean "dirty" politics, though it is certainly dirty. I mean sloppy. If you want to make a dig at a guy, find something you don't agree with, and take them to task.

But have a little respect for decorum and don't malign someone's dedication to public service. That's the kind of trash-talk I expect from the Republicans like Palin, who so recently belittled her opponent for having worked hard as a community organizer. That's just mean politics. And it should be beneath all of us.

I'm a Gloria supporter, and I'm proud of it. But when I read these comment threads, it's always the other folks who are questioning the other candidate's character, stretching the truth, or otherwise bringing the debate to a lower level. There are some policy differences between these candidates, and they should be the focus of comment. People can lionize their candidate, without tearing down their opponent. This trash-talk is unseemly. And it smacks of desperation. If you've got a real beef, write it out, and make your case. But leave the smear out of our politics.



Fred Williams Sept. 10, 2008 @ 6:22 p.m.

Hi SouthParkBob!

Got a real name, by chance?

I didn't see Gloria out there on Sunday announcing his opposition to 301 University...but I have seen his campaign contributors list. It's filled with developers and their friends.

And how 'bout that Housing Commission he sits on? After the CCDC and SEDC frauds, it looks like they're the next to go under the auditor microscope. Should be interesting to see where all that money for affordable housing has gone, because I sure don't see any affordable housing in these parts.

Todd Gloria has some fast talking ahead to explain away his official role in that fiasco...and why does Todd take money from Doug Manchester's people? Is he also campaigning for Proposition H8, or will he take cash from any john that comes along?

You can see why I'm supporting Stephen Whitburn over your buddy Todd.

The Reader in no way whatsoever tells me what to write. So if you have complaints, they're with me, not the publisher.

Best wishes, and thank you for commenting.



dylan_shaw Sept. 11, 2008 @ 6:22 a.m.

Clearly Gloria is a bought candidate--its not just a list of developers behind him, it is that entire industry from top to bottom; lock, stock and barrel.

Sure, Gloria will occasionally hook up with the opposition to a particular project now and again so he use his line "I can say no to developers."

Notice he doesn't say "I WILL say no to developers," because he won't. The enormous amount of money he takes from them says he won't.

The best example of this was his ardent support of Kensington Terrace, a project he and his developer friends were in love with--even though the community resoundingly hated it.

The fate of that project was headed to court before the developers FINALLY decided to sit down with the community and work out a design with their input.

Todd Gloria went mum on his advocacy for Kensington Terrace when it became obvious the tide was turning against the project. Politics as usual in San Diego.

If you're happy with City Hall, The Council, agencies such as SEDC and CCDC, then Todd Gloria is your guy. He's part of the same old crowd that has earned San Diego a reputation as Enron By The Sea.

The list of insiders that flocked to his campaign and his list of special interest donors all point to the status quo in San Diego. As I said, if that makes you happy vote for him.

Dylan Shaw, Normal Heights


Fred Williams Sept. 11, 2008 @ 9:07 a.m.

Hi Kookoodiego,

Gloria's a very personable fellow. He's probably great fun to drink with in a go-go bar. I just don't want him on the City Council.

I simply question his judgment. He's gotten in bed with the developers and insiders who have so sullied San Diego's reputation. He's not volunteering his time in "public" service. He's receiving 100% taxpayer supported salary -- even while he's out campaigning full time.

Meanwhile, I repeat my question...where's the affordable housing?

The Housing Commission is now in the cross hairs, following revelations at CCDC and SEDC. Where has all that money gone? It certainly doesn't seem to have created any affordable housing that I can see.

In public forums, Gloria claims to have done more than anyone to secure affordable housing. Fair enough...tell us where and how much it cost. We need an independent audit of the Housing Commission...something Gloria opposes.

Similarly, we are owed an explanation of why all these developers are bundling contributions to Gloria's campaign. What do they expect in return?

Don't pull out the old line about there being no quid pro quo. We've heard that a lot over the years and it never turns out to be true. We cannot just trust his declaration that he'll work for the public good at face value.

We've already seen his character flaws. The Labor Council's price for an endorsement was the betrayal of Donna Frye. Whitburn bravely refused. Gloria eagerly promised to support dim-bulb Ben Hueso as the next Council President. Gloria got the endorsement.

Kookoodiego, I don't intend to "trash talk", but to lay out the facts as I see them and explain my reasons for not trusting any candidate who is tight with the special interests.

If you have evidence to the contrary, please present it. Just claiming that I'm somehow smearing is insufficient.

Do you deny that Gloria takes money from Manchester's anti-gay cronies?

Do you deny that Gloria takes the vast majority of his campaign contributions from developers?

Why are defense contractors giving money to Gloria? Do they want something from Susan Davis, Gloria's over-generous boss who keeps paying his salary even when he's evidently not doing anything related to his taxpayer supported job?

Do you deny that the Housing Commission Gloria is so proud of has done very little to address affordable housing in San Diego?

If not, then you must agree that these facts are relevant to the voters in District 3. Not smears, but plain facts to be assessed when comparing candidates.

Again, if you have a real name, I'd appreciate your using it. This is important stuff, and hiding behind a pseudonym is a bit weak, don't you think?

Thank you for your comments. See you on the campaign trail.




historymatters Sept. 15, 2008 @ 8:17 p.m.

Thanks Fred, You are right on!! I mean these Gloria followers are always saying show us the facts and we do... again and again and again. In fact they are too big for this post so I created an entire page on my website dedicated exclusively to the facts about Glorias money.

Additionally, look at these news articles:

I mean com'on. Havent we learned our lesson--are we going to keep doing the same sleazy CCDC and SEDC stuff again. Todd is a nice guy, but either he is 2 faced and will do exactly what Atkins did which is tell us she's on our side and then cast her vote for the developer or he is naive and is in WAY over his head.

I mean he didnt even have the savvy to say no to Manchester. I say Todd, if you really want to be in politics take the next couple of years and be a citizen and show us what you really care about because I have never seen you at any rallies to help save community buildings or at council to stand up to developers---never. In fact on the contrary, you showed up to the prop C mtg and voted against all 200 citizens there and w/ the BIA that created the prop to allow the same lack of financial accountability that got us into the CCDC and SEDC mess.


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