Here in Normal Heights, we need better jobs close to home.

Stephen Whitburn, Congressman Bob Filner, and soon-to-be School Board Member Richard Barrera held a press conference today just a few blocks from my home:

"District 3 is an ideal location for new job creation, and fortunately we have a willing and able workforce," Whitburn said. "I want to see the type of job creation and redevelopment along El Cajon Boulevard for which are business community and residents have been waiting decades."

Here are Stephen Whitburn's specific proposals:

1.) Boosting small business by expanding the city's small business assistance programs and securing District Three's share of economic development projects;

2.) Building a sustainable economy by attracting green industries like biotechnology, IT, and training to District Three, that in turn create high-wage jobs for residents;

3.) Strengthening job training opportunities by working with the San Diego Community College District, San Diego Workforce Partnership, and the San Diego Unified School District to help residents train for higher paying jobs in an evolving workforce; and

4.) Protecting families' economic security by working with Congressman Filner to ensure home foreclosure protections for affected District Three residents and neighborhoods.

You can learn more at

The press conference was attended by community residents and activists, and KUSI interviewed Stephen Whitburn for tonight's local news.

This is the kind of initiative I like to see in Normal Heights. Finally, we have a man who talks about the neighborhoods we live in. We've had enough of all the negative attacks, and it's refreshing to have Stephen Whitburn as a candidate for San Diego City Council.

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Fred_willliams Oct. 30, 2008 @ 4:38 p.m.

Stephen Whitburn is trying to buy the election. He has given his campaign over $200,000.

Where is this money coming from? He's worked for the Red Cross the last eight years, owns nothing of value, and hasn't mentioned any type of family trust.

Something shady is going on.


Fred Williams Oct. 31, 2008 @ 6:01 a.m.

Admin, please remove the posts from the person who is attempting to use my name to mislead people.

Thank you,

Fred Williams Normal Heights


Stephen_Davis_from_South_Park Oct. 31, 2008 @ 10:56 a.m.


I now believe you're a good soul and care about our community, rather than serving as Whitburn's mouthpiece. Truly, I mean that.

But there's a huge difference between good guys like you and Todd Gloria compared to Stephen Whitburn.

See, both you and Gloria have good hearts and a long history of service in our neighborhoods.

Stephen Whitburn is not the same. The CityBeat says Whitburn, "came to San Diego six years ago in search of a career in politics." Coupled with the fact that Whitburn has dumped over $240,000 of his own, unaccounted for campaign cash into his coffers, would lead anyone to the logical conclusion that Whitburn is a carpetbagging political opportunist trying to buy the 3rd Council District seat.

I hope that when the dust has settled and Todd Gloria is doing a great job on City Council, that you and he will be able to partner together to improve all of our quality of life.


Stephen Davis


Fred Williams Nov. 1, 2008 @ 6:40 a.m.

Admin, the posting from "Stephen Davis from South Park" is copy/pasted from other comment boards.

In addition, "Stephen Davis" is masquerading as another poster, "2muchsense". Have a look at CityBeat where 2muchsense signs this identical post as "Stephen Davis".

Please delete the fake first comment made by someone impersonating me.



Fred Williams Nov. 3, 2008 @ 3:07 p.m.

Gloria: Please don't slap me any more, you know I love you and I'll do anything for you. Why do you treat me this way?

Developer: Shut up Gloria, just be a good bottom and do what you're told. I paid for you, now you work for me. I'm taking you into the council chambers now...

Gloria: Oh, why did I ever leave my principles behind...mother!

Developer: Knock off your whining, it's time to shake your money maker.

Council President: The meeting will come to order....

Gloria: I vote YES to the new condos! Give a subsidy to my top developer.

Gloria: I vote YES to privatizing Balboa Park! Give away the citizens' property to top corporations.

Gloria: I vote YES to bailing out top developers downtown! They need help from the taxpayers.

Gloria: I vote NO to any more audits or corruption investigations! We need to save money.

Council President: This meeting is adjourned, the next meeting will be held when the developers tell us and will be about whatever they want us to do for them. Have a nice day.


jmumbles Dec. 28, 2008 @ 6:09 p.m.

What is going on here. Where exactly would IT and Green Jobs for North Park be housed at? Perhaps the San Diego Florist Supply Building.


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