Goldsmith has so many people working for him, he practically doesn't have to lift a finger. I mean has anyone actually seen him in public?

He's probably on vacation in some exotic location just waiting for the phone call from McMillin and Sempra letting him know he won, but not to worry, "we barely need you to do anything. In fact the less you do, the better".

I was glad to see the KPBS had finally caught on 4 days before the election that no one was reporting on Goldsmith's ultra right wing history, but KPBS, hello!! Where have you been? And you forgot about the part where he has a police record for domestic violence.

I feel like Im in a David Lynch movie or some other Stepford wife dimension where everyone is acting like everything is totally fine and its all so wrong and not fine.;id=13118

"As an Assemblyman, Goldsmith voted faithfully with his party, taking an anti-abortion position, in spite of having declared himself pro-choice on early questionnaires. "

And then there is this famous line from Goldsmith: "It is all about the law. The city attorney’s office will focus on the law, not politics, not partisanship, there is no republican or democratic way to run the city attorneys office, it’s to be run based upon the law."

"Donna Frye, say it’s disingenuous to claim it’s possible to keep politics out of the city attorney’s office"

Thank you Donna. What Goldsmith really means is that "the city attorney's office will now be run by the developers that live in the mayors office on the 13th floor. That way, no one will get riled up because we will all be on the same side---except Donna and we are crossing our fingers that the public wont vote for Lightner, Emerald or Whitburn. That would be a disaster for us, which is why we got Seiler and Vu to run this election".

Now, I am no bleeding heart liberal, in fact I like to call myself a bleeding heart libertarian because I believe in personal accountability and tough love, but I also believe in compassion and common sense.

The GLT reports "Goldsmith supported Proposition 22, which banned same-sex marriage in California until the state Supreme Court struck it down in May. As mayor of Poway, he argued against a resolution endorsing anti-discrimination laws based on sexual orientation in 1991, when it was presented by then-San Diego Mayor Maureen O’Connor."

Are we really ready to go backwards?

As if this isn't distasteful enough, there is the issue of his money. How was it legal for McMillin to spend $16,000 flying a banner around.

Doesn't that alarm anyone????

He is #1 on the Building Industry Voter Guide: The BIA, the self proclaimed largest and most powerful special interest in town; so powerful that they live in the mayor's office. I'm not kidding, they are on the 13th floor with the mayor in their offices. They are begging you to vote for this guy.

Then as if the McMillin expenditure wasn't contemptible enough, check this out:

Aguirre: Goldsmith bought off by Sempra

Sempra gave the Lincoln Club of San Diego County $100,000 to mail out a 4-page voter guide smearing Mike Aguirre and praising Goldsmith.

"Aguirre filed a lawsuit in June against SDG&E over the October 2007 firestorm, accusing the utility of failing to properly maintain its transmission equipment". This is after they were clearly implicated in the Cal fire report. Seems logical to hold them accountable right?

I don't know how this is legal when a maximum campaign contribution is a few hundred bucks to keep someone like Sempra or McMillin from buying an election and yet they can give $100,000 to the Lincoln Club to do their dirty work for them?

I hope Mike will sue the daylights out of them if he loses.

I hope the people of San Diego will wake up tomorrow and realize that this Goldsmith sham is the same old sham politics the city is famous for. If we want to win this, we can't believe the lies.

Come on, lets take our city back, one seat at a time. Mike is the one that said "we HAVE to get the developers out of the mayor's office". Lets get to the polls and fight for Mike the way he has fought and will continue to fight for us!


Fred Williams Nov. 3, 2008 @ 5:34 a.m.

Enro...oops, I mean Sempra, supports Goldsmith with under the table contributions to the ultra-right Lincoln Club.

Yep, they just want the "right" kind of "responsive" government...the wonderful people at Enro...oops, I mean Sempra, like Jan Goldsmith for the dead ferret he wears on his head, not because he'll be a tool for the special interests and lobbyists from Enro...oops, I mean Sempra.

After all, look at how Enro...oops, I mean Sempra, has done in the past, electing clean politicians like George Bush, Ted Stevens, and Duke Cunningham.

Thank you Enro...oops, I mean Sempra, for taking back America for REAL Americans.


historymatters Nov. 3, 2008 @ 2:55 p.m.

Thank you Fred for your keen insight and wonderful wit. And you are right on.


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