What a surprise!... on a day when we just learned about the brazen corruption of Chicago Governor Blagojevich using his influence to illegally curry favors and "sell" the Chicago Senate seat, we learn that Todd Gloria has un-surprisingly nominated lackluster Ben Hueso to Council President over Donna Frey.

I recall the conversation we had at the Hillcrest political debate Todd, when you assured me that you would NEVER sell your soul for a few $300 donations from special interests (incidentally it was really 10s of 1000s). And I remember thinking "then why did you"...even back then the writing was on the wall.

Gloria said this in the Voice of San Diego:

"I think he has the experience and leadership to serve us well," said Gloria, adding that Hueso would be able to be a strong council president and a check on the mayor in the strong mayor system."

Im sorry, what exactly has Ben done besides be a schill for developers and corrupt SEDC style organizations like Urban Corps, Barrio Station, and Chicano Federation----that claim to promote minorities while secretly raking in 100s of thousands in city funds for bloated CEO salaries? I mean despite a hefty amount of campaign cash from special interests he garnered a paltry 6000 votes in 2006. Wow!!! I mean he definitely deserves to be President over Donna Frey who received the popular vote for mayor in 2005 over Jerry Sanders in the infamous "write-in" scandal.... Donna who has been the only council member to consistently stand against the developers and the unions that have bled this city dry and have created the current financial crisis that requires us to close our libraries and rec centers. Additionally worth noting:

"Frye placed ahead of ten opponents, including former police chief and runner-up Jerry Sanders (27%), by receiving 43% of the vote. However, a majority was needed to win outright, and so a run-off election was held between Frye and Sanders on November 8, 2005. " Wikipedia

Are you kidding me Todd? Wow, I thought you would at least try and lay low and reclaim some of your dignity especially after it was reported that your opponent was strong-armed by the unions and told he could not support Donna if he wanted their support. It was crystal clear at that point that you had agreed to support their candidate when they backed you.

Im sorry, this is embarrassing. I can only hope that much like Blagojevich your brazen corruption will be revealed so that the rest of San Diego can figure out what MANY of us knew about you a long time ago. You are no better than the contemptuous campaign you ran that used 1000s in "independent expenditure" committee money to slander your very own constituents. You are a schill, a skeleton w/ no principals, only political ambition.


Rick Dec. 11, 2008 @ 10:17 a.m.

....I am looking forward to when the San Diego VOTER EDUCATION PROJECT is on th docket to be discussed at City Hall Meeting.....


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