Well this is me, The Flagman again, and yep it's been a while since I posted on the Reader. after that mishap with the taser in T.J. I vowed to stop writing anything until I had my own spot and a clean lap top or computer to write on. Well I got my own spot but I had to go all the way to Salt Lake City Utah to make it happen and "No" I still can't seem to get my hands own a computer or a lap top that's not rigged or hacked I even bought a stand alone PC which was destroyed in my home in broad daylight in front of the whole world for everyone to see ( that was different)no biggee I only paid 20.00 bucks for it, and I didn't even complain to my building manager even though my building is under camera surveilance 24-7 . But if ya wanna be a writer ya gotta write and I mostly been writing legal stuff which is a real pain in the ass. Especially since I,m not a lawyer for some reason I,ve picked a new group that's tryin to pick my head for my story and I,m bein wired for sound. (It's amazing the things that people will do to other people) Don't worry they'll never get nothing substantial. In any case I owe the Reader a story I began in December 09 and I have every intention of keeping my promise. I think I oughta bring you up to speed very briefly, I left San Diego at the end of May after having the weirdest run in with a Mail Room Supervisor at Mesa College that did everything in her power to insure that papers were not served by me on Mesa campus she even called the police and had me detained and of course i'm suing her ass and yeah the trials and tribulations I incurred while trying to file papers with the court is even a trippier story and yep the lawyer ain't gonna wanna see it in court- so his trickery is just beginning, along with a whole lot of other drama - It's a long story that's on the ass end of several other super long stories. Now is not the time or place but it's coming. I left San Diego last June with every intention of living in Phoenix. ( Helllooo Phoenix in June dumb!!!) Selling flags door to door was hell especially at 107 degrees in the afternoons. So I sweated through that ordeal and after a few weeks at the downtown YMCA that was air conditioned and had a great gym. I went up to Flagstaff and got a room at The Hotel Route 66 which was yep that's right on Highway route 66. It was a beautiful college and resort town with less than a hundred thousand people. I was there for the fourth of July weekend and let me tell ya I broke flag selling records the week leading up to the fourth. People in Flagstaff will buy American flags and it appears nobody owned a flag in town. I had people actually driving up in cars buying my flags, I actually sold out and couldn't find anymore anywhere in the whole city. Nuff said for now( to be continued).Flagman 03/20/11

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