watching the Hockey games this weekend reminded me of a trip i had, looked so forward to, and will never forget -- to Canada

as i rooted for mind was flooded with that day i arrived at the 49th parallel and saw that huge Maple Leaf snapping in the air

Imagewhy did i stay here instead of just zooming across the border to my dream country.....well ya gotta just take those kinda experiences seriously....and i wanted to see the first episode of GREY'S ANATOMY.....and didn't know if it would be on any of the Canadian i took the Blaine Washington exit the first thing i saw was a two American Canadian.....full size waving in the wind

thank DOG there was no one behind me exiting....cause i stop immediately and started to cry....

now i need to warn you all right now that all these Canada posts will be MUSHY....and as i'll be preaching to the choir so to have my permission to by pass this probably overly dramatic Californians entries.... and go talk amongst yourselves about ...WHAT ELSE HOCKEY....!!!!!!

THINK METRIC first sign just so happened that i had a speedometer that had both !!

thank you Universe !!!!

looked around Vancouver....change my Americabucks into Canadabucks....made sure to get lots of loonies and toonies for family.....and headed due EAST for the Canadian car....yep the train trip had to be foregone for a hb and wily terrier....i took 8th street out and missed 15 completely in my heady maze....and found my self 3 mis later under a golden tree branched roadway....

ah Canada....i had found Autumn and Oh Canada came singing out til i couldn't remember the words....

i wonder if the Canadians knew they would they disapprove......??????

reverse direction and get on the TranCanadian Hwy and off to the Rockies we went....oh goodie this ~~was even better cause Calgary was out that way....and more then anything i wanted to see Prairie Boy's hometown~~

keep the motor runnin'~~you know i'm a comin~~and i'm born to be wild~~ HELL RAISER !!!!!*


quillpena May 23, 2011 @ 3:37 p.m.

Never been, but I hope to some day. You make it sound so pioneering and adventuresome, nan. Think I'll have a couple of Mooseheads in the meantime, ay.


nan shartel May 23, 2011 @ 4:59 p.m.

Molsons for me Quill...u just gotta is so sweet...the Canadian Rockies will make u fall over backwards just trying to look up at them...hahahahahahaha...i think Paul Bunyon must have been born there ;-D


nan shartel May 23, 2011 @ 5:03 p.m.

as the Canuckulheads would say in their most spare unequivocal way Garrett


hahahahahahahahahahaha ;-S


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