City awards $350,000 settlement to woman who was beaten by police officers during a Chargers game

City council to give woman $350,000 for injuries she suffered at the hands of police officers during a Chargers game.

On Monday, September 9, city councilmembers will write a $350,000 check to a woman who was beaten by police officers ...

Family of former Chargers player, Lewis Bush, sues NFL in federal court

Lawsuit is one of many from families against the NFL for misleading the public and players about the dangers of the game.

The family of former Chargers player Lewis Bush has joined the growing list of families suing the National Football League ...

Woman sues City of San Diego for excessive force by police officer during a Chargers game

Woman claims she suffered a broken jaw, concussion, and was shot with a stun gun during her first Charger game.

As if it wasn't painful enough seeing a Chargers game last year, throw in a broken jaw, a concussion, and ...

Chargers clarify invitation to LaDainian Tomlinson

Team denies inviting former running back to return for 2013 season

Longtime San Diego Chargers star running back LaDainian Tomlinson recently told Yahoo! Sports that the team had invited him back ...

2013 Chargers draft report

"What's that? April is too early to be talking about football? What are you gonna do - watch the Padres?"

PICK #1: D.J. Fluker, offensive tackle out of Alabama! "As a committed Catholic," says Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers, "I ...

8,000-gallon ethanol spill next to Qualcomm absolutely not part of attempt to burn down stadium, insist Chargers officials

"That's just crazy talk."


Will Chargers leave for LA? Which newspaper d'ya read?

LA Times, U-T, Denver Post have different views on what Anschutz doing

Denver multi-billionaire Philip Anschutz on Thursday decided not to sell his Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG). The bids were too low. ...

Chargers hawking combined convention center/roofed stadium

Trouble is, experience says they don't work out

A judge begins hearing a case next week on the legality of hotel room rate surcharges to pay for the ...

Breaking! New Chargers coach "Mike McCoy" revealed to be Chargers counsel Mark Fabiani

Leaked memo outlines "new strategy" in struggle for new stadium

Change the part on the hair, plump the nose, tweak the ear angle, clean up the eyebags, and voila! Documents ...

Bob Filner, stand-up guy

Mr. Mayor considers the Balboa Park Earth Day proposition for 2012

City proposes new site for Chargers stadium

Filner: "We think this is more in keeping with their current level of performance." Site features ample room for parking, innovative integrated-landscape design.

Will Chargers hire coach with L.A. star power?

Media speculate next team coach may have to have L.A. glamor

Yahoosports, quoting "multiple sources with an understanding of the Los Angeles and Chargers situation," says the Chargers — now that ...

Exeunt Turner, stage left

An excerpt from The Tragedy of Turner, now playing in San Diego Turner lifts the helmet of QB Philip Rivers and considers it. NORV Alas, poor Philip! I coached him, Horatio: ...

Disgusted Norv Turner tears Chargers emblem from windbreaker, tosses it onto end-zone turf

Fired coach-provocateur, abandoned and rejected by the very people he sought to entertain, echoes Gary Cooper's famed gesture from ending of High Noon He turned back the blackhearted, vicious Raiders who rode into town, but the damage was done.

Scapegoat Norv

The Chargers are likely headed toward a major housecleaning, but the bulk of the blame for the team’s failures is ...

Turner on Ryan: "Spoilsport!"

Chargers' Coach-Provocateur slings slur at Jets' Jellicose General after Ryan benches hapless quarterback Mark Sanchez prior to Sunday's matchup. "You don't see me benching hapless quarterback Philip Rivers, do you?" Turner disappointed: "I have worked very hard this season to turn a Pro Bowl quarterback into a bad joke. ...

Charger’s Head Coach- Norv Turner and GM AJ Smith

According to the sources, Kevin Acee reported that the chargers head coach Norv Turner and GM AJ Smith would be ...

Chargers Park-Time For A Change

Chargers Park was once a place where neither the players nor the staff wanted to leave at the end of ...

Koan Korner!

The Zen question for the day: How many Chargers are required to stop a Raven running back on 4th and 29 with 1:50 to go in the game?

The answer is, of course, is unknowable. Seek instead for understanding of your own desire to keep the Chargers in ...

Ersatz News Source: Chargers Use Psychic; Ostrich Breakout

Chargers Use Psychic (11/2/12) The San Diego Chargers finally won a game at home on Thursday night, beating the Chiefs ...

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