Bob Filner, stand-up guy



Unacceptable Behavior - Unacceptable Reaction

We'll skip the "Innocent until..." and reaffirm that uninvited advances - sexual or not - are not acceptable. It matters ...

Filner comments on the Oceanside cannibal case

The stand-up mayor takes a moment to address regional criminal activity

Take it away, Bob:

Tentatively, judge sides with Filner in TMD dispute

Oral arguments to be heard Friday

Superior Court Judge Timothy Taylor today (March 21) turned down the request of the Tourism Marketing District (TMD) to force ...

Filner takes on the Portland Loo!

Filner v. the San Diego Downtown Partnership - BONUS CODA

The hits keep coming!

A really good joke should always have a followup punchline...

Filner takes on the Downtown San Diego Partnership


The transcript's not out yet, but here's a taste of the Filner act that had San Diego's greederati kicking up ...

Dear God Dear Reader EditorYahwehJesusAllahElohimGod, Remember how you spent a lot of time talking with Abraham, Moses and Noah. And You ...

Filner takes on Mickelson!

The stand-up Mayor on the famous golfer's tax-rant.

Bob Filner, stand-up guy

The Mayor takes on the City and U.S. Attorney!

Bob Filner, stand-up guy

The Mayor takes on The Reader!

Bob Filner, stand-up guy

Mr. Mayor considers the Balboa Park Earth Day proposition for 2012

Bob Filner, stand-up guy

Mr. Mayor considers the San Diego Chargers

Introducing Bob Filner, stand-up guy

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