We'll skip the "Innocent until..." and reaffirm that uninvited advances - sexual or not - are not acceptable. It matters not who the perpetrator or who the victim. Behavior like that is simply not acceptable. In the United Church of Christ (and a growing number of other denominations) clergy and other key leaders are required to undergo periodic boundary training - learning the limits of behavior and relationships between (especially) the person with power/authority (typically the 'boss' and the underling. If there is a violation of the covenant, a "fitness review" is held. Outcomes vary, but can result in losing one's ministerial standing.

Would that other organizations had similar practices. Schools and governments would be a place to start.

In the case of Mayor Filner (again skipping the establishment of the facts of the matter) one can say it is flat out wrong to use inappropriate behavior as an excuse to chase someone out of office. As time proceeds the "Purifiers" begin to look increasingly justified. But simply rousting one person from office with the presumption they - or the ones garnering their blessing - would of course never to anything this terrible. Hogwash

What is needed is an open discussion about power and its abuse, the isolation of public office and ways the underlying issues can be addressed. Make that 'will be.'


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