CIOAC Denounces Abuses of Indigenous People (El Vigia, 1/16/13 by Andrew Perales)

San Quintín, BC - The representative of Agricultural Laborers, Guild Members in the Counselor of the independent Central of Agricultural Workers and Peasants (Cioac), denounced alleged abuses committed by local police against Indians. The indigenous woman, named Juana Morales Gaspar, said that municipal officials ascribed to San Quintin, allegedly abuse their authority.

Gaspar Morales said that many of her countrymen are brought to preventive cells without any justification and agents take the little money they earn in the fields, leaving their families homeless. The indigenous woman, who proclaimed herself an advocate of her neighbors, said the municipal delegate has knowledge, but has not lodged complaints in the delegation when there are detainees.

"I have wanted to stop the police who are very abusive and take advantage of their power by arresting my countrymen putting them in jail without any reasons. I have to wanted to pay their bail of up to 8,000 pesos ($633 US)," she denounced.

Before the denunciation by the woman, the municipal delegate José Teodoro Bañaga Felix, said he is aware of the issue and assured all detentions made are justified and for a reason, before their admission to the municipal cells.

He acknowledged that there is lack of discretion and abuse of some agents, but when someone is stopped in this area, it is due to a report or because their acts constitute a violation of the administration. He explained that the arrests of the countrymen of Juana Morales Gaspar have been made for various reports of drunkenness, scandal on public roads, relieving themselves on the street and for fighting. Finally, he said that he will continue to do any necessary work for the community to remain quiet and whoever is caught committing an administrative offense shall be detained in the municipal cells, concluded the delegate.

Ecological Workshop Offered (El Vigia, 1/16/13 by Enrique Rojas)

San Quintín, BC - With the theme "Ecotechniques and Environmental Awareness", a training workshop for groups of indigenous women began funded with fiscal year 2012 CDI resources, said Javier Ruiz Avina. The Director of the Coordinating Center for Indigenous Development (CCDI) indicated that training began yesterday in the boardroom at this institution, given by Biologist Fabiola López Cedano.

The course involves three groups of women supported by the Productive Organization for Indigenous Women Program (Popmi) and the National Commission for the Development of Indigenous Peoples. They are: Mujeres Triqui from poblado Benito García; Mujeres Social, Benito Juárez fractionation (the Fábrica); and Mujeres Triqui, colonia Lomas de San Ramón. The theme is recycling. The workshop has a main objective to educate these working groups on the use of technologies that guarantee a clean, economical and ecological operation meant to strengthen the operational capacity of their productive projects.

Ruiz Avina explained that the main objective of the course is to develop options and solutions so that the members can begin to perform actions to reduce waste and scrap with some easy ways to take advantage of the discards without harming the environment.

As well as promoting the conservation and management of natural resources, they will provide theoretical and practical tools for the development of sustainable alternatives, she added. She reiterated that Popmi has the purpose of increasing the economic incomes of indigenous women and fostering their development - personal, family and collective, through the implementation of productive projects. As always, she called on indigenous women in the region to participate in the idea of group projects, which can be integrated up by 10 women seeking an organized way to develop themselves as micro-entrepreneurs.


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