Remembrance of Women who Lost Fight to Breast Cancer (El Vigia, 10/20/12 by Nicte Madrigal)

Ensenada, BC - During 2011, 126 women died from breast cancer in Baja California, according to data from the Ministry of Health. To reduce rates, agencies such as Grupo Reto, AC, has worked tirelessly in the prevention and care of women diagnosed with breast cancer.

Yesterday, the volunteers that make up this group placed a wreath at Monumento a la Madre, as recognition to women who fought against cancer, but did not survive the disease. The event was attended by Mayor Enrique Pelayo Torres and Aldermen Hannibal Santana Chaires and Raymundo de la Mora Arvide.

During the ceremony, Laura Arvide Jiménez, President of Grupo Reto, AC, in Ensenada, said that although it has lowered the incidence, breast cancer remains the leading cause of cancer deaths. However, she said, if detected in time, life expectancy is very high. She said according to official statistics, 14 women die every day from breast cancer. She stressed that an important part is early detection and treatments are less aggressive.

"Our challenge since 16 years ago has been to support women diagnosed with cancer. We provide psychological and group counseling and occupational therapy...”. In addition to this, she mentioned they have developed an educational program, which consists of discussions of early detection of cancer. She stressed women may be helped with coping with their fears, distress in group challenges and all of the changes in general that come with being diagnosed. One of the main elements is we are all volunteers.

Yesterday, a conference was also held, "How to deal with the adversities of life".

Laura Arvide invited the community to participate in the 6th Athletic Family Walk "Step by Step against Cancer", taking place tomorrow, October 21st. Although the walk starts at 8 AM, members of Grupo Reto will be at Ventana al Mar from 6: 30 AM for those who wish to participate. The registration is free.

Announcement of Priority Electrification and Paving Work (El Vigia, 10/20/12 by Enrique Rojas)

San Vicente Ferrer, BC - The priority work that is expected seen in 2013, with resources from Ramo 33, is electrification of the ejido Pai Pai and paving of the road stretching across the front of the primary school "Claudio Sarabia", said Jesús Retamoza García..

The municipal delegate stressed the importance of improving the road section mentioned due to difficulties arising in times of rain for the educational community at the campus. He said the request also includes the section that surrounds the West side and the municipal public park that will be fully covered with pavement. During the rainy season, he noted, the entrance to the school is flooded, making it very difficult for students and teachers to enter, "so we have asked this problem is addressed and finished".

On the work of electrification, Retamoza García said there is a pending request dating back several years and that it is impossible to realize the detriment to the quality of life of its inhabitants. He explained the requests are now before the Council of Municipal Development (CDM) so they should be approved, because it is not possible for landowners to continue living without this basic service.

The municipal public servant mentioned, in regard to roads, services are still being provided with scraping and filling in some cases. He confided more resources are available for this area in 2013. He acknowledged that there is discomfort for citizens in the State on some roads, but he is doing everything to try to keep them passable, and added that this effort is permanent. This same effort is being made in the other areas, mainly in garbage collection and public lighting service, major requests of the community, he concluded.


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