156 Million Pesos Invested in Indigenous Areas (El Vigia, 10/12/12 by Nicte Madrigal)

Ensenada, BC - About 156 million pesos ($12 million US) have been invested in works and programs focused on indigenous communities so far by the present state administration, argued State Government officials. The work included 7 miles of drinking water works, 32.4 kilometers of electric lines and 11.2 kilometers of paved access.

It was also reported that 3.5 million pesos ($272,000) was spent in welfare support. Yesterday, during a meeting between Secretaries of Social development of Oaxaca and Baja California, it was reported these actions have benefited 12,000 families. Gerardo Albino González, Secretary of Social Development of Oaxaca and Pablo Alejo López Núñez of Baja California led the meeting attended by local leaders from communities in Oaxaca.

The development processes for projects carried out in the municipalities to improve the residents’ quality of life in the State of Oaxaca, specifically in Ensenada, were analyzed. Porfirio Vargas Santiago, head of infrastructure in the Sedesoe area, said 5 km of road paving, a network of drinking water and electric power exceeded a cumulative investment of 19 million pesos ($1.5 million US) benefiting 220 families. He said that communities in the Southeast of Maneadero had electric work completed such as the installation of 4.8 km of wiring; 230,000 concrete posts and 180 transformers in neighborhoods overlooking the sea in Loma Bonita, Las Flores, Las Palmas and El Paraiso, among others.

Drinking water was provided by the drilling and equipping of 150-meter deep wells, 2 kilometers of mainline, 8,200 meters of distribution networks as well as construction of a pumping sump and a tank controller with a capacity for 1,000,500 cubic meters. Also the first stage of an access road of 1 km was paved.

The total investment by this Administration reached 23 million pesos ($1.8 million US) and benefits 7,500 inhabitants, he said. Work at other locations included: Colonia Benito García with 16 12-meter concrete poles, 16 9-meter concrete poles and10 transformers; in Colonia Emiliano Zapata with 18 12-meter concrete poles, 18 9-meter concrete poles and 11 transformers for a total investment of 882,000 pesos ($68,591 US). http://www.elvigia.net/noticia/invierten-156-mdp-en-zonas-ind-genas

Education Issues Analyzed (El Vigia, 10/12/12 by Enrique Rojas)

San Quintín, BC - Teachers of different levels and educational modalities in the region met to discuss their participation in education and participated in a basic training workshop sponsored by the Secretaries General. The workshop, called "The SNTE and its contribution to the modernization of the country" was held last Thursday in the Mission Santa Isabel de 8 Event Hall from 8:30 am until 5 pm. A total of 82 teachers participated divided into three groups, integrated into working groups on educational action issues. The event was also attended by Commissioners.

Attendees at the workshop explained they were summoned by the Regional coordination section II of the National Union of education workers at San Quentin. They mentioned that the activities were intended to make Union leaders aware of SNTE educational contributions. Six exhibitors in total, with two per group, were members of section II of the SNTE.

During the course of the workshop, participants discussed issues such as experience, such as what works and doesn't in the educational system in the SNTE. They also worked on the definition of the SNTE, what is a school and what is Union representation, as well as analysis of the school environment, what should change in school management and the basic functions of a school representative.

The final issues were reflection of what goes first: economic development or educational reform, and the interaction between section II of the SNTE and the State education system (ESS). http://www.elvigia.net/noticia/analizan-papel-en-educaci-n


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