Schools Celebrate “Week of Flavor” (El Vigia, 10/24/12)

Ensenada, BC - The State Education System (ESS) through the coordination of Education and Health, and school program praised the activities of "La Semana del Sabor", carried out at ten schools in our town.

In the presence of parents of primary school "Alejandrina García Sánchez", there was a discussion of practical, simple and healthy eating with the aim of students learning to combine all the nutrients of food and gradually change bad eating habits. Denisse Suastegui Cervantes, State Coordinator of the School Program and Health, said schools in Ensenada were selected to carry out the activities of "Week of Flavor" by provision and support of managers, teachers, and parents.

She added, "The participation of children in primary school and the health program is precisely aimed at them to see how they enjoy food made with from fruits and vegetables. It is an indicator of the success of the week and marks the beginning of a path to preventing and decreasing obesity in students with basic education."

Leonardo González, President of the Asociación de Chefs of Baja California, said he feels very satisfied with the work done during this week and acknowledged the work of the students of the school of Enology and Gastronomy of the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC). He added, future chefs taught students to taste the flavor, color and odor of nutritious foods, and carry a healthy snack, what foods should be avoided in excess, the importance of the physical activities and how to make a calendar of health.

The President of the Chefs in the State, said an important thing is to make the lunch hour a pleasant moment; i.e., without sermons but more for discussions with the adolescent. He said some studies have shown that adolescents even want the opinion and advice of their parents, so the meal time is the ideal time to do this.

The schools that participated were: Rosa Elena Espinoza, Maria of the Carmen Carrillo Castro, Alejandrina García Sánchez, Benemérito de las Américas, Dr. Salvador Allende, Carmen Serdán, General Federico Chapoy, General Carlos Reyes Avilés, Chapultepec and Benemérito de las Américas.

Municipal Sports Facility Fees are Optional (El Vigia, 10/24/12)

Ensenada, BC - Mayor Enrique Pelayo Torres said at the municipal sports facilities, City Hall does not force collections, but simply collects them voluntarily with their cooperation. In some cases sports leagues set fees for the maintenance at some specific areas. The Mayor expressed above fees some users pay is to gain access to facilities of the municipal sports units.

Pelayo Torres pointed out that the provision was established with his cooperation and if someone can not pay, they are not obliged to pay and no employee may prevent access to the sports unit. He clarified that this does not occur in some public areas which leagues or sports groups are responsible for maintenance, since in such cases they fixed quotas which have to be covered by the users of those areas.

He reiterated the willingness of the municipal government to promote sports and recreation, particularly among the most vulnerable sectors of the municipality for which he emphasized, for those who can't afford to enter a sports facility managed by the City Council may not be forced to do so, neither can their access to these facilities be stopped.


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