More Teenage Pregnancies (El Vigia, 9/28/12 by Enrique Rojas)

San Quintín, BC - Each year in Mexico, approximately 800,000 adolescents become pregnant and of this figure 83% are unplanned and unwanted, said specialist Henry Mateo Sáenz and added that of this percentage about half suffer physical and psychological ills.

On "International Prevention of Teen Pregnancy Day", the Peruvian gynecologist gave a lecture on the subject to collegiate physicians in the region in which he highlighted the preceding data. This event took place last Wednesday at the Doctor College of San Quintín (CMSQ). He added that in the case of the municipality of Ensenada, 3 of every 10 pregnancies are adolescents.

Henry Mateo mentioned that in the case of a pregnancy that is not planned nor desired, it is easier to make the women sterile, susceptible to abandonment, anemia, physical and psychological ills and family problems.

Also, the life event can prevent them from reaching their dreams, goals and aspirations, he stressed. Instead, he continued, if a teen woman - from 11 to 19 years - does not become pregnant and studies; they can fulfill their dreams to become professionals who are needed for Mexico to become a better country.

Mateo Sáenz emphasized 25%, about 200 thousand, have second teenage pregnancies before the age of 19 and with that their problems become complicated.

Doctor Henry Aristóteles Mateo Sáenz devoted part of the agenda to a prevention project, which is of great importance in the San Quentin region, where he went to meet with doctors at St.Quentin medical school.

He said that teen pregnancy is a socio-economic problem for the country, since a significant number of young people end their life goals and that it has negative impact on the family.

The project is based on reinforcing and instilling values and raising awareness in teenagers about the consequences resulting from a premature sex life, he said, and may transmit sexually transmitted diseases. Another consequence is a pregnancy.

Mateo Saénz offers lectures in middle and high schools to create awareness among young people, making them see that in life it is important to have goals, which must be pursued with dedication. He mentioned that the task of getting an education is extremely important, through courses and workshops, and for the parents since the education begins at home.

With regard to the sexual life of young people, "we know that hormones kill neurons", the specialist said that it is important that young people with active sex lives know how they should and may prevent pregnancy using contraceptive methods. Although he emphasized that the only 100% safe method is abstinence.

Women who became pregnant, he stressed; you should have a proper diet and prenatal care to avoid the high incidence of maternal illnesses, which is a topic "that widely concerns all Federated doctors across the country".

"A very important reason that motivated me to create this project is because I want to see a Mexico with happy teenagers, able to achieve their goals and enjoy a healthy life," he commented.

Support of Police Officer is Requested (El Vigia, 9/28/12 by Andrew Perales)

San Quintín, BC - Manuel Heredia, a police officer in Vicente Guerrero, known as "El Picas", who worked as a football referee in the San Quintín Valley is in poor health, so schools in the area have joined forces to raise funds. Support for the effort is organized by groups in Vicente Guerrero and San Quintin, who are asking for donations.

Leaders mentioned that "El Picas" is a police officer, who always supported sports, imparting justice within the field of play. They mentioned that Manuel Heredia was always present at local sporting events and tournaments like Copa Telmex and Coca Cola intermediate and third division promotionals.

The referee is currently bedridden with a disease called gout, which affects the bones and especially the legs, so those who know his work understand the problem he is having.

San Quintín Valley athletes are requested to make cash donations since drug costs are high. Those interested may leave their donations at the Football League of Vicente Guerrero at the College of arbitrators or at the Cali School Lorenz Alcalá field who are also working to help Manuel Heredia.


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