Vicente Guerrero Seeks 2 Traffic Lights for 5th Time (El Vigia, 12/20/12 by Enrique Rojas)

Vicente Guerrero, BC - For the fifth time, municipal delegate, Justin Herrera Martinez, asked the Mayor of Ensenada, Enrique Pelayo Torres, for the installation of traffic lights at two dangerous intersections in the town. The representative of the Mayor reported the new document was delivered last Friday to the offices of the Municipal Presidency, 'and we are waiting to be taken into account'.

Herrera Martinez said he was "sure" that the request will be dealt with next year, because, he added, with emphasis "the citizens are demanding it". He noted that one of the sites where traffic lights are needed are at avenida Primero de Mayo and the carretera Transpeninsular to the rural hospital IMSS Oportunidades (HRO) 69. The second is the crossing at bulevar Benito Juárez Sur with las avenidas José María Morelos and Pavón (West side) and Froylán Vargas (East side), where the building known as the "two story house” is located.

Both points are considered "very dangerous" for users, drivers and pedestrians, by the high number of car accidents and crashes that have been registered at each of them. The municipal delegate considers it 'urgent' Buenos Aires Mayor intervene with competent authorities so they respond to this request, which affects not only locals but the foreign population also.

He asked the citizens added to the application not only in a verbal manner, as it has been until now, but that they sign supporting documents "so let's be heard and cared for". This is necessary to complete the effort "with constant crashes and citizen complaints of vehicular traffic bottlenecks" in the above-mentioned points, he remarked.

6 Students Receive Uniform Scholarships (El Vigia, 12/20/12 by Enrique Rojas)

San Quintín, BC - In support of students in the "Luis Rodríguez Avina" Bilingual Primary School, the State Government through the State Educational System (ESS), gave grants to purchase uniforms, said Julio Cesar Leon Osorio.

The number of beneficiary children was six, a small amount taking into account their school fees, but a greater number than it used to be for school scholarships, the principal added. He mentioned that each of the students received a check for 750 pesos ($59 US) to purchase school uniforms given to them by the Deputy of the ESS, Luis Fernando Valdez Carmona.

León Osorio said that the increase in the number of scholarships was made possible by the efforts of the school’s management, and that the benefit was for the children in most precarious economic conditions. Making the delivery of checks, Valdez Carmona motivated students to continue their studies in a responsible manner so that they achieve success in their social and family lives.

He asked them not miss class, do their homework, and be an example to the other students, and stressed that from the moment they receive the scholarship, "they are making a commitment to the State". At the end of the event, León Osorio said, a Committee of parents was appointed to accompany the benefited group of students to purchase their shoes, school uniforms and a backpack. He said that this was a support stimulus so the children could stay in school. He added that "this aid will serve to make these children look at school with new eyes; besides they are committed and are extreme needs students".

The school principal said that scholarships are part of the commitment by Governor Jose Guadalupe Osuna Millan, and the Secretariat of Education and Social Welfare (SEBS), Javier Santillán Pérez, for the school’s students. The "Luis Rodríguez Avina" Bilingual Primary School is located in the residential center of the same name, owned by rancho agrícola Los Pinos and belongs to the area 712 school.


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