Vicente Guerrero Goes Without Garbage Collection (El Vigia, 11/6/12 by Enrique Rojas)

Vicente Guerrero, BC - With the mechanical failure of the second and only garbage truck that collects trash in recent weeks, the municipal delegation is temporarily without the possibility of providing this service for itself.

Faced with this situation, and to avoid citizens claims of accumulated domestic waste, the town will seek to get a collector on loan, said Justin Herrera Martinez. The delegate said he would talk with the director of municipal public services, José de la Luz Valdez, to have a truck sent from the delegations of San Quintin and Ensenada.

He explained this support is essential to get reduce the backlog in service to sustainable levels, due to the large amount of garbage generated at the River every day. Herrera Martinez explained the second truck became disabled on Friday and since then the collection service has been suspended. This complicated the problem that already existed.

Settlers affected by the mechanical breakdown of the trucks mentioned that the lack of service in some areas of the delegation has lasted for several weeks and even months. This claim was rejected by the municipal delegate, who accepted that there was a deficiency in the collection, but clarified the problem has lasted for only “twenty days", but not months.

He said a less serious failure – the breakdown of the clutch on the first truck, collection could resume in the course of this week. The problem, he noted, is not the lack of the part, "which is already in the delegation", but the mechanic who can install it, which is difficult in itself “in just a few these days".

While this happens, reiterated Justino Herrera, an interim alternative will be sought to avoid the problem growing more than it already has.

Fishermen Groups in Dispute at Punta Baja Area (El Vigia, 11/6/12 by Andrew Perales)

Del Rosario, BC - Another fishing conflict has begun in a pitched fight between more than 40 workers, who in are in arms about actions taken of the cooperative of Ensenada. Workers at sea, which are unrelated to the cooperative, expressed their dissatisfaction, since the Supervisory Board reviewed and stopped those who are not on their side from working.

The fishermen, who have more than 20 years working and belong to the Rural Jamar production society, informed responsible fishing authorities what might happen. They mentioned those affected, last Saturday in the area of low tide were about to start a fight, but tempers were calmed with the arrival of local police and the Mexican army.

After some dialogue, they mentioned who was responsible for harassing and intimidating the fishermen were employees of the Ensenada cooperative, who up to stopped them and reviewed what they brought.

"We believe we have rights in the area. We are all workers and all have permission, but as they have influence with the National Commission of Fishing and no one tells them anything", said some protesters.

Fortunately, the fishermen did not act against their peers, as requested the fishing authorities who were not involved in the conflict and did not give a political response. They wanted to intervene before the attacks began and avoid the problem, since all fishermen have the permission, but the cooperative owners believe they are in control of everything, they concluded.


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