12-Inch Water Pipeline Ruptures (El Vigia, 1/16/13 by Nicte Madrigal)

Ensenada, BC - Despite the lack of water in the city and constant calls for a response to save the vital fluid, yesterday morning, ruptured a 12-inch pipe generated the loss of thousands of cubic meters of water in El Sauzal de Rodriguez.

Residents of the area indicated that the report about the incident was made in a timely manner to the State Commission of Public Services of Ensenada (Cespe), and they came shortly before 9:00 hours. Yesterday, the leak that afternoon was finally located on calle Miguel Hidalgo and Tercera, and has now been controlled.

Residents of the exposed area where the leak was located had scarce amounts of water and there's more they have not dealt with as, "the Cespe left an open excavation pit and have not returned".

Abelardo Cardenas, responsible for communication of Cespe in the area, reported the work was delayed since there are several places and signs in the area where digging is forbidden, because the area is controlled by Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex). It was necessary to avoid those risks and meet established protocols. Once this was verified, he said, they could start the work. He pointed out that it was an important water supply pipeline in that delegation. http://www.elvigia.net/noticia/desperdicio-de-agua

Vehicles Owners can Sue City for Pothole Damages (El Vigia, 1/16/13 by Benjamin Pacheco

Ensenada, BC - Citizens may sue the city of Ensenada when a vehicle is damaged by a pothole, but the accident has to be perfectly documented, said a lawyer in criminal matters, Miguel A. Moreno Bonet. "Yes, a citizen can sue the City Council, provided the person is able to widely demonstrate the illicit demand and substantiate it," he explained. Moreno Bonet noted that it is difficult, but you can win the case against the municipal government if sufficient tests are proven.

El Vigia consulted a specialist due to the proliferation of potholes in the city, which have generated many complaints by citizens. In this context, José de la Luz Valdez López, Director of Municipal Public Services, recently declared that they lack a budget to repair the streets of Ensenada with asphalt because they ran-out two months ago. To try and minimize the inconvenience caused by the situation, workers have been instructed to fill the holes in the streets with soil.

"The person that is concerned must have the necessary evidence to initiate a trial. If you have photos, witnesses, expert testimony and documentary evidence that should be enough. If I have witnesses, the Public Ministry has the obligation to call on them so you can prove what you are saying," he specified.

Moreno Bonet exemplified another type of demand is when the branches of a tree obstruct the view of a roadway sign. "When they are practically covered by trees; completely obscuring the icon. People who do not know they are there and therefore pass through. You must make the Town Hall aware at the corresponding office. Also missing are street nomenclature. Ensenada has many needs," he stressed. http://www.elvigia.net/noticia/puede-demandar-al-ayuntamiento


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