Street abruptly ends with drop-off (El Vigia, 2/13/13 by Nicte Madrigal)

Ensenada, BC - Residents of the Colonia Los Encinos face a daily risk involving a street which without any sign ends suddenly with a drop of more than 1.20 meters (4 feet). A neighboring Condo Ámbar resident, who requested his identity not be revealed, stated the situation has generated problems for many cars when arriving at the end of the street - which does not have any kind of signage or lighting to prevent precipitating damage. This does not even account for the danger to children.

Members of the Settlers Committee report at least three streets are in this condition despite the fractionation has been inhabited for more than three years and the responsible construction company still refuses to build a fence.

Those affected indicated at least four accidents have occurred at the site. They said a delivery man on a motorcycle was confronted by where "the street that ends. Fortunately when he landed onto the street below he knew how to maneuver and fell off the bike without injury," someone said.

On one occasion they said they received support from Municipal Police when an accident occurred and the construction company even lent its machinery to remove the vehicle. However, despite all this, they claimed the response to residents by an employee of Geo, Rigoberto Álvarez has been that "there are other priorities; we do not know when we will get to it".

They note the risk increases in the evenings, since there is no public lighting, because if you want this service, they the wiring must be installed and the use paid for by someone, since the fractionation has not yet been delivered to City Hall.

"All these details were not told to us when we signed the sales contracts. At the time they delivered the homes to us they made us sign where it said there was lighting", they said.

Rigoberto Álvarez, the head of the Department of Quality of Community Life reported that the fractionation has already been delivered to the Committee of Colonists of Condominium Ámbar, so the project will resolve the situation. The commitment, he said, will complete the project in the shortest possible time at no charge to the residents of Los Encinos. He said that last Saturday at a meeting with Condominium Ámbar residents where they were informed that they will present the project to relevant authorities to be approved for completion.

It is said, the placement of necessary and functional elements should be without any cost to the residents. The neighborhood residents mentioned "they have the right to express themselves and we can not stifle them". Rigoberto Álvarez said that security is very important to the company so you will soon see the problem fixed.

This pothole is for you (El Vigia, 2/13/13 by Benjamin Pacheco)

Ensenada, BC - In addition to images that satirize potholes in the city of Ensenada, a song that makes mockery of the city’s epidemic roadway problems and President Enrique Pelayo Torres is now circulating on social networks.


The song was originally titled "Bache para ti Ensenada (Bump for you Ensenada)" and the parody is a reinterpretation of the piece - used to promote tourism for the municipality, which is available on the You Tube video site.

The words concerned an individual who wakes up ready to work and improve the city for his own benefit and his family. In the mockery, the singer warns of the risks of living in a city full of potholes and even compares them to lunar craters. Those interested in listening to the parody version can go to

Original lyrics “Ensenada es para ti” Me despierto a trabajar ya es la hora de chambear Muchas cosas mejorar de este bello y gran lugar Ensenada es para ti, un lugar donde lograr lo que más anhelas tú armonía familiar Ensenada es para ti, mucho más que tu hogar Ensenada es para ti, vive bien y a todo dar Para ti, para ti, para ti Ensenada es para ti Trabajar en lo que te pueda servir lo mejor de mi vida es para ti

(English translation) "Ensenada is for you" I wake up for work in my room because it is time Many things have improved this beautiful and great place Ensenada is for you, a place where you can achieve what you crave - more family harmony Ensenada is for you, more than your home Ensenada is for you, live well and give For you, for you, for you Ensenada is for you Work so you can serve the best things in my life are for you

Parody lyrics “Bache para ti Ensenada” Me despierto a trabajar ya es la hora de chambear Muchos baches que esquivar de este bello y gran lugar Este bache es para ti, no te vayas a ponchar a la vuelta de la esquina otro te vas a encontrar Este bache es para ti, es como un cráter lunar este bache es para ti, no lo debes de olvidar Para ti, para ti, para ti Este bache es para ti Con arena o sin arena para ti Este bache es para ti

(English translation) "Bump for you Ensenada" I wake up for work in my room because it is time Many potholes to dodge in this great and beautiful place This bump's for you, do not go bump around the corner another you'll find This bump is for you, a lunar crater This bump's for you, you should not forget For you, for you, for you This bump's for you Filled or not-filled for you This bump's for you

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