This appeared on the Cox Internet news page: "(San Diego, CA) -- Numerous Internet cafes have been raided by state agents because they were suspected of illegal gambling. The Internet cafes were in San Diego and Stockton. Undercover agents went into the Internet cafes in early June and were able to play various Las Vegas style games on the computers. The agents bought cards which provided them "Internet time" and if they won their games, the employees gave them cash. State agents in San Diego raided Cafe Hong Hung, '08 Wireless, Cafe 2000, Phnom Penh Video and '05 Billiards. Agents seized a total of 21 video slot machines and around 13-thousand in cash."

Maybe I'm crazy (there are those who think so) but didn't Arnold announce slashing money from school budgets, and lots of State agencies?? The State of California is broke. Isn't that what we've been hearing? Our legislators are busy trying to find a way to get a budget to work. Since California is a State, it does not have the privelege of spending money by just printing more, as our Federal government does.

So, why in the world is internet gambling a priority?? We have lots & lots of legal gambling around this State, thanks to the naivete of the voters a few years back. So, what's next, breaking down doors to seize computers??

Message to all State agencies, put away the Gestapo and try, just try to concentrate on things that matter. Water supply. Fire fighters & equipment. DMV. I would even place State parks & Caltrans ahead of Internet gambling. And how does our government explain the complete hipocrisy of raiding internet sites where gambling may be going on while the Native American Indians have everything a gambler needs? Using such resources as undercover agents is overkill.

I know that the San Diego Police Department has had layoffs, early retirement, etc. How about using our actual State resources (undercover agents?) for meaningful activity? Homeless people in tents on our sidewalks, ILLEGAL aliens in plain sight because of lack of enforcement, and for your viewing pleasure, visit the crime statistics at:

I have always believed that enforcement of laws protecting citizens from murder, assault, burglary, stolen vehicle, etc. was a very important part of a civilized society. I just think we need to get our priorities in order.

What do you think? Is internet gambling on your list of "high crimes and misdemeanors?"

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jmtcw June 30, 2009 @ 1:09 p.m.

I think authorities can handle it, Auntie. Is it a #1 priority? Probably not. That's probably why it took so long to come down on these fly-by-night outfits. When you put up your money in these illegal gambling joints, you're on your own. No regulation, no oversight, no audits, no way to hold the shady operators accountable, no dispute resolution. It's important to heavily regulate gambling and these illegal gambling operations need to be shut down. BTW, you may harbor ill feelings toward Native Americans, but they agreed to a lot of terms, including paying billions to the state, in exchange for the exclusive right to gambling.


auntsandiegospeaks July 6, 2009 @ 7:09 p.m.

Well, jmtcw, I don't know how/why you think I harbor ill feelings toward Native Americans. My only ill feelings are that I preferred the old way of: If you want to gamble, take a trip to Nevada. I am not a fan of the proliferation of local casinos.
My concern about "raiding" internet cafes because of online gambling is that our current economy is forcing the cutting of police dept. jobs and the resources could be better spent. As for regulation and oversight, that is one HUGE problem with the internet. There are no regulations and there really is no way to police it. Gambling in casinos, card rooms, etc. is heavily regulated. Not the internet.


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