Let's talk about incompetent agencies, Cox Communications & California LifeLine Program. I am currently attempting to get them to fix a problem for which they are both responsible. Of course, neither will even lift a hand to help. They just keep tossing it back and forth with me in the middle.

One thing making me very mad is the fact that Cox is always advertising their excellence in service. I definitely cannot agree with that.

The LifeLine program was set up to assist poor, disabled, those on SSI, etc, with their telephone bills. It is a flat rate pricing & remains the same as long as your status stays the same.

There was not a single problem throughout the 5 or so years with PacBell/ATT. The change to Cox to get their well-advertised discounted bundle, started the ball rolling downhill. Phone calls, letters, e-mails, have not accomplished a thing.

Big Business (the State PUC & Cox) are ruling this country, thru the auspices of lobbyists in getting our congressional representatives to vote on their pet projects. Have you ever actually read any bill passed by the US Congress? You should take the time to do so. It will open your eyes & every single US citizen should know exactly how our leaders, sworn to represent OUR interests, spend our money. There is SO-O-O much pork. Lobbyists should find new jobs and be banned from our political system.

Money, money, money, money (by the O'Jays?), is being handed to those who need it the very least. I am terrible at trying to

understand economics. But what I do know is that I follow the rules, so I pay my bills, try not to over spend, pay my taxes, etc. While people like Ken Lay, Bernie Madoff, and MANY, MANY more play 'screw the employees'. And our government then responds by giving these mismanaged multi-billion banks, investment firms, auto makers MONEY. In the process, many people lost a heck of a lot of money being handled by these swindlers. Let's go back to the Wild West era and "hang 'em all".

So long

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