Our downtown City Councilman, Kevin Faulconer, has an aide, Stephen Hill. I received an e-mail from him on Tuesday, requesting removal from my blog list. I find that to be consistent with a City Council that does not want to hear about things that are wrong with our city. Of course, I will honor his request. Although I will send him anything I think is pertinent to our City government.

Our President in waiting, Mr. Obama has been keeping busy trying to get enough information from the current administration to "hit the ground running" in January. Dubya is doing the normal last minute chores, like granting pardons. An AP news blurb opined that Dubya could grant Cheney a pardon, resign, making Cheney president and then he could grant Dubya a pardon. Simple, right????? BS. Dubya and his cronies have made a lot of money (Halliburton & others) mostly due to the misguided war that Dubya managed to start, but not finish.

Does everyone remember the day Dubya stood on the deck of a ship, here in San Diego, declaring the war was over? That was on May 2, 2003. Over 5 years ago.

"The landing came just hours before Bush is to tell the nation that major combat operations in Iraq have ended. The speech will be delivered from the carrier's flight deck at 9 p.m. EDT."

Are you losing money? Those rich folks who are responsible for creating this mess and the Congress that approved deregulation for the banking industry are probably losing a few dollars themselves. The difference is, they will continue to have their big houses, pools, cars, club memberships, whaterver else they have accumulated. Even if they had to step down a peg, they are still well off. BUT, those of us with a small nest egg will suffer much more if the economy doesn't rebound soon.

Some appointments have been made by President elect Obama. As for priorities;

"Rising healthcare costs are the most pressing budget issue facing the United States, and much more objective data on the effectiveness of medical treatment is needed to help contain those costs. That is the view of Peter Orszag."

Healthcare is a big issue for so many. I will be e-mailing, writing, whatever I can do to get Mr. Orszag to put focus on the Medicare prescription plan donut hole. Fix Medicare D. It is a very lousy program.

Mr. Orszag needs a new hair stylist. Looks like a bad rug!! Sorry, couldn't resist that one.

So long

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