The lame duck, aka Dubya, and his veep, Cheney are leaving office with the lowest approval ratings EVER. Upon leaving office, this "team" leaves us with the largest national debt in American history. What about all the hoopla about the private contracts for work in Iraq? There were talks of investigation of Halliburton and Blackwater. Apparently we will be hearing something about Blackwater, but since Dubya granted some sort of immunity from prosecution, they just may be getting away with murder. And Cheney is allegedly making money on the Halliburton contracts.

In the deregulation of the banking industry, which is now creating a massive financial mess around the world, the American public is the big loser. Millions of people are losing their homes, while our government "pays" the mortgage lenders, banking industry, investment firms, to fix the problem! BUT, one of the first things these "idiots" did was to set aside over $6 million for bonuses! Just like AIG, who took our money and ran off for a nice little retreat. Then the auto industry came calling, wanting their fair share of the bail-out money being handed out like candy. The funny thing is, the CEO's of Chrysler, GM, & Ford arrived in Washington in their private jets. That's like going to the Welfare office in a limousine.

The bottom line is the current, outgoing administration is leaving behind a morass of debt, a floundering war, a free flowing take all prisoners atmosphere couched in National Security terms, a financial crisis which is a direct result of greed, etc. Mr. President elect Obama certainly has his work cut out for him.

Some statistics from the Census Bureau: 37 million Americans are living in poverty, 3.5 million are homeless, 10 million are unemployed, 1 million filed for bankruptcy in 2007. These numbers will be much higher for 2008.

So long

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