Today's Washington Post contains an article on the budget, written by Michael Gerson, in which he states: "And then came the budget--idealogically ambitious, politically ruthless and radical to its core". Those are some pretty harsh words.

He sounds a lot like Bill O'Reilly who often pontificates about income redistribution. He works hard for his money and deserves to keep it, taking advantage of loopholes in the tax code, etc. I do give him credit for his charitable contributions.

There are plenty of overpaid people who can easily afford to give food to the hungry, shelter to the homeless, basic health care to those in need. Just think about the salaries of US athletes. Some are making millions every year. They have guaranteed contracts so they don't have any incentive to play through an injury. Sitting on the bench does not cause bruising! I think they should have performance contracts. Just like the general working public, they get paid for what they do. And, they can be 'canned' for any reason (in the at-will states). Did you see Allen Iverson a few years ago when the NBA fined him and suspended him for several games? He actually said something like 'how am I supposed to feed my family?' His yearly salary is approximately a mere $22,000,000.

How about those Hollywood folks? Concert tickets can be $100 per seat, or more, and you can barely see who is on stage. TV series are now much shorter than in the 'good ole days'. So, these actors may work for 4-5 months and then they can sit around contemplating their navel! Or, they head off to make a movie for a few million dollars.

Things are out of whack. Teachers, doctors, nurses, paramedics, etc. make a small fraction of what we pay athletes and movie stars (inclusive of TV and concert performers). That is just wrong and it makes me wonder how, as a nation, we got to this point.

To those who make gazillions, or those who have gazillions simply due to their birth, don't panic. The stock market and current financial crisis will eat up some of your money but, there is probably still plenty to go around, even if your taxes go up.

The national budget, the national debt, the pork projects, the lobbyists, wars, are all problems that need to be handled by this new administration.

I still want to know about the "insider" IRS 'hands off' deals. Those who can have tax liabilities and not have to pay? How much money could be brought in if IRS treated everyone fair and equal?

So long

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