Questions from the brain of an experienced WHYner.

Why is the sky blue?? Had to start with that one as it is the one most quoted!

Why, when watching a rented/on demand movie do they have the information that the movie has been formatted to fit "your" TV screen? How do they know the size of my TV screen?

Why are there lobbyists? How did our government evolve into "of the people, by Congress, for lobbyists???

Why are credit card companies reviewing files and attempting (apparently) to use financial crisis as excuse for lowering credit limits?

Why are credit card companies being ignored by the press when they are a part of the financial crisis as they consistently give out credit cards to college students, etc.?

Why in the world is there no one (that I know of) investigating the IRS policy of allowing certain people, political/rich/famous to carry a tax debt without being hounded by them?

Why, if so, are there no liens on these tax bills and do you wonder if these people pay the HUGE penalties and interest rates? EVERY taxpayer should be accorded equal treatment.

Why is there always a person in line ahead of you who cannot find their checkbook, decides not to buy an item already rung up, etc.?

Why do restaurants use measured pour for wine? Then they use Large wine glasses, making the serving appear to be a sip? Advice to restauranteurs, pour the wine, you already make a very large profit on all alcohol.

Why doesn't every apartment have a washer/dryer in the unit?

Why are all the alleged computer experts in India?

Why does our government seem to turn a blind eye to the millions of ILLEGAL aliens coming across the Mexican border?

Why are National Guard units deployed to war zones?

Why are womens' athletic clothes priced higher than mens? Hint to women: buy sweat pants/tops in the men's department.

Why do women feel the need to wear shoes that make it impossible to walk?

Why do shoe designers continue to make shoes that cause women to have terrible back problems?

Why are Californians so completely committed to their need to own a car? Break the habit, use public transportation.

Why do the powers that be, in San Diego, continue to approve and build high rise buildings downtown?

Why is is that San Diego seems to have more than its fair share of corruption in officialdom (politics)?

Why is it that laws intended to protect employees (ERISA) really favor employers?

Why is there a Medicare part D? It may be the worst law ever passed. Although I have not yet read the Stimulus bill!

Why do TV news broadcasts spend so much time telling us what they are going to tell us? 30 minutes for news becomes about 12-15 minutes of actual news reports. Too much regurgitation.

Why do TV stations put their logos, announce programming, list all kinds of stuff on the bottom of the screen? It is annoying as he--.

Why am I here? What is the purpose of life? Is there life on other planets? Why am I lucky enough to have so many truly wonderful friends?

I could go on & on & on!!!!

So long

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