Hats off to our new President, Barack Obama. He is pushing forward even in the face of Cabinet nominees with problems. The economic stimulus bill is laden with pork and needs to be trimmed. Old habits are hard to break and some of our Congresspersons have been serving for quite some time. The lobby system of government really needs to be revamped. But, again, some of the older members of Congress would have a difficult time understanding why they can't play golf at their favorite club, or go on a cruise, or fly off to a great fishing spot, or take a vacation to a sandy beach resort. You get the picture. As for me, I think lobbying should be done away with altogether, "off with their heads".

The stimulus bill has some folks thinking and I received this in an e-mail (with some editing by me):

Stimulus Payment Information:

This is money that the government will send to taxpayers. The money will come from taxpayers. The government is giving back a smidgen of the taxpayers' own money, which will be printed up at taxpayers' expense. The plan is that each person will use the money to buy an HD TV, thus stimulating the economy. In actuality, you will be stimulating the economy of China (everything is made there).

If you spend your money at Wal-Mart, the money will go to China. If you spend it on gas, money goes to the Arabs. If you buy a computer, money goes to India.

This is government rationalization at its best. A friend of mine taught me all about rationalization. She is the absolute champ on this subject (thank you DCE). A good example: questionable charges on a credit card; card is canceled; new card issued; fraud investigation proves it was fraud; card cannot be used until investigation is complete; card company releases card; consumer now has more money to spend!!

If/when you do get an Economic Stimulus check, please spend it wisely. Look for USA made products. If you should happen to find such merchandise, please send the details to me at: [email protected].

So long


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