Okay, let me try to get this straight. The infamous IRS seizes property/assets, garnishees wages, and whatever else they can do to squeeze money out of ordinary working Americans. BUT, a Congressperson or a Kennedy, and they don't seem to care much about when those taxes are paid. Also, the penalties and interest (on the taxes owed) can be a major problem for the "little folks". Do these big cheeses pay those??

I spent some time going thru the IRS online information. Leading paragraph:

"The Internal Revenue Service is providing this information as a part of our customer service and Outreach programs to Reduce Taxpayer Burden and Processing Costs."

Don't you love that? Though I did a pretty thorough search, I was unable to find the laws relating to certain persons being exempt from paying their tax bill. IRS is quite clear in recommending the taxpayer consider a loan to pay your tax burden because the interest rate from a bank is usually lower than the interest & penalties imposed by IRS!

If you want an installment agreement there is an up front fee of $105. And, one of my favorite lines, "Taxpayers with income at or below...poverty guidelines can apply to pay a reduced user fee of $43." So, if you have no money, are living in poverty, the IRS will consider a reduced fee. Well, that is just plain downright considerate of them.

The unpaid portion of your taxes is subject to interest compounded daily AND a monthly late payment penalty. That is amazing.

They even explain how a tax lien is filed if you fail to pay your bill within 10 days after they send the first bill. 10 whole days. This will be on your credit report. The IRS will not release until you pay the taxes, penalties, interest, & recording fees.

So, where are all those intrepid reporters? Someone should find out if these delinquent taxes (Tom Daschle, Caroline Kennedy, Nancy Killefer, Timothy Geithner) included the appropriate penalties & interest.

IRS should be a "one size fits all" when it comes to tax collection. With the current state of our economy, these people should be paying every single nickel they owe.

Isn't this the same agency that made a promise MANY years ago, to be the kinder, gentler IRS? It seems that promise was upheld, but only for certain elite citizenry.

So long

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shizzyfinn Feb. 4, 2009 @ 9 a.m.

You are on to something, auntSDspeaks. I too have been sharply disappointed by Obama's willingness to sign on advisers who made tax "mistakes" that happened to save them tens of thousands of dollars. I thought we had tossed the tax dodgers out of power back in November!


Fred Williams Feb. 4, 2009 @ 10:01 a.m.

It points to another truth...the current system is so complicated and contradictory that even those who wrote and administered the laws don't seem able to comply.

This being the case, ALL those who have been penalized for simple failure to understand the impenetrable rules should be let off the hook until they fix the system.


auntsandiegospeaks Feb. 6, 2009 @ 4:29 a.m.

Thanks for the comments. Shizzyfinn, I want an investigation. The pundits are having fun with this. Jay Leno, Jon Stewart, Dave Letterman, all suggest that if Congress & all other "bigwigs" just paid their taxes, there would be plenty of funding for the Stimulus Plan. Mr. Williams, the IRS Code is voluminous. A bonfire seems appropriate. Start over and do it right. Some rules are so convoluted the IRS interprets them differently at different sites.


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