Have you ever used Tax Act online? It is terribly easy, unless you have a complicated tax life. Anyway that's one project I got done. I wanted to read what the IRS rules were for prize money, since I won the SD Reader Neighborhood blog prize. In the IRS instructions, on the same page as prizes, I found these entries:

"Illegal activities. Income from illegal activities, actual expenses, are not included in your income. However, if properties or money are from dealing illegal drugs, they must be included in your income on Form 1040, "

"Kickbacks. You must include kickbacks, self-employment side commissions, push money, or similar pay in your income."

Don't you just love it? The IRS wants criminals to report their income from illegal means.
So, do you think those are ever filled in? Considering the brain power of some criminals, I suppose there are a few who read the instruction and fill it in.

Did you hear about the burglar in Kennewick, Washington? I think he was in an electronics store and had made some decisions on what to steal. So, he got out a computer and went online to his own My Space account. He spent 5 hours on the store's computer trying to sell items he planned to steal! He did NOT steal the computer, which led the police right to him. Forrest Gump would surely say, "stupid is as stupid does".

Consumer alert on VISA/Amex/Mastercard gift cards. The packaging does not reveal that cards are only available for use in USA. A friend was hoping to make a purchase in London. The card was rejected. The additional rules are that you cannot return the cards, you cannot deposit them into your bank account, you can't use in ATM. You can use to make a purchase, in person or online, pay a bill, dining out. So, be very careful if you intend to buy a gift card. There are a LOT of cards to choose from and it is confusing. To dispute a transaction requires sending a letter with a copy of the original receipt, copies of the cards or at least the card numbers and their serial numbers. Purchase of a defective product is between you and the merchant, no help from these gift card companies.

Email problems have struck again. Some go to Webmail, some to Windows mail. They all have the same 'incoming' address! Windows mail thinks about 80% of the mail is Junk!

NCAA men's basketball has been a flurry of upsets. I know Kansas was upset, as the number 1 seed, they lost in the first round. The #11 Washington team fooled a few folks, especially Marquette & New Mexico. It has been interesting & those with little knowledge of basketball stand the best chance of winning pools!!! Three cheers for Michigan State as they advance to the Elite 8. Their next opponent is Tennessee & I hope they wear the yucky orange unis.

THE TEAM to watch: Lady Aztecs. With one of the best coaches in the nation, they are playing tomorrow in the Sweet Sixteen. Their opponent is Duke, ranked #2. The Lady Aztecs are ranked #11. It would be great to see them advance, knocking off Duke. Watch it if you can. GO LADY AZTECS

So long

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