On the ecomomy and movement from an agrarion to an industrial culture. The Federal Reserve can prevent deflation and depression by stimulus money injection into the money supply because of quantitive easing by scared central bankers. This is what happen in 1929 and led to the 40+ years of the Great Depression. This also led to more defaulting debts, unemployment, and lost output. Now the fiscal policy seems to be paralized, why, the money only went to the banks that already have trillions they are scared to lend because there is no consumer demand and no need to build new factories to produce more of what they can not sell with the factories they have in China ans Mexico now!. The only people making money off this money injection are the financial markets, bankers and big-time investors who are injecting the money into the stock markets and commodity traders who are eating the money up in fee's.This is also hoped to lower long-term intrest rates to encourage big dollar spending and new investment while lowering the value of the dollar to increase U.S. exports. The only way this could ever work is to build the factory in the U.S., put it's output into a ship, go out 20 miles and return to port as a import and cut off the factories in China and Mexico. The underground people have been doing this for a long time by car theft and insurance recovery by increasing your insurance. Shoplifting and warehouse piracy recovery by price inflation of the consumer retail sales market and buy and/or lease-out by increasing consumer retail prices. This is what the orthodox financial bible scripture teaches, in the supply-side theory. So what happen to Milton Riedman and John Maynard Keynes. Keynes is down on the street and taught that to excite business people you need to have customers with money to spend at your door to buy. With 10%+ unemployment rate, the only people buying are the bankers, stock markets, commodity traders and big corporations, not the consumers who are still unemployed, loosing thier homes and becoming homeless. So maybe the common stock-holders should go bankrupt and the proffered stock-holders and bond holders increase their wealth?. Now looking at Democrates who want more, Rebublicans who do-nothing and Obama who wants to do both, Ben Bernanke has decided to perpetuate this by massive purchasing of long-term treasury bonds until it works. We could do a war economy like Lincolin did during the Civil War, after all we are still fighting the importers from 1784 in Philadelphia that sailed to China, Japan,Korea, Vietnam and now Mexico and India on the Empress of China and the Califorina border against the British and Duch East India Trading Companies!. So skip over the banks, put the money directly into the real ecomomy of the consumers and producers to create genuine recovery. Federal governors say they are forbidden by law from doing this but look at AIG, GM and defence contractors. A tunneling-electron-microscope look at this law finds it can lend to almost any one, even local governments, if it finds "unusual and exigent circumstances" to do so. This could build infrastructure, creating employment and increasing consumer demand on the ground-level. This has been proposed by the creation of the federal Recovery and Reconstruction Bank. This bank would be financed by selling bonds to investors. The Federal Reserve's new money would be intrest-free and governed by special performance bonds. The bank would only have to pay the money back if it fails to deliver on the promised projects. The federal would hold these bonds in it's own portfolio, like the $1.1E12 in mortgaged-backed securities created by the banking industry. This is synonymous with corporate bonds or home mortgages and allows the money to circulate through the regular banking system indistinguishable from any other money instead of sitting idle as bank reserves. This is how the California and San Diego governments operate with the Corporate Charter form of governments. This cuts out the banks who would other wise be handed free money from the Federal Government, lending it out and collecting intrest from the borrowers. Most economists believe the Federal Reserve should be cloistered and a unaccountable institution of government independent of all outside influencce except that of the bankers. Now I ask you, maybe the merchants from Philadelphia on that ship The Empress of China have something to do with the financier's and bankers that lead the political community composed of clueless Senators and Representatives around by the nose. So they say the plantation owners are still living in their forefathers home, burning the furnature every Winter to stay warm, can only lose if there is bad weather and a need to go to war. This may be why most retired stock brokers retire in the French Riviera. Ref: The Nation, December 6, 2010


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