I got a bill today from ATT. I recently switched to Cox for their bundle price and therefore canceled my service with ATT. I mention this because they sent me an actual paper bill for 0.16! It cost about 3 times that just for postage. Nonsensical, crazy, nuts, all describe the economics. Wasteful would pertain to the bottom line. They should have a rule about printing and sending out bills that are less than the cost of postage.

I had dinner with a friend on Thursday night. We went to Dakota for their 16th birthday deal. They had 4 entrees for $16 each along with 4 bottles of wine at $16 each. We went early, about 6 PM, to miss the crowds. We had an excellent waiter, Brad, who was attentive, informative and seemed to know when to show up & when to stay away. The food was delicious and prepared just right. The wine was particularly tasty! We had the Tangley Oaks Merlot, a new discovery for me.

We walked around the Gaslamp for awhile, hopefully counterbalancing the food consumed at dinner! On 6th, east side of the street, between G & Market, an Ace Hardware store is getting ready to open. The space is filled with shelves & "stuff". It will be nice to have that downtown. We also noticed that American Apparel is in the old San Diego Hardware store. But the old store sign is still on the building. It could easily be confusing & I wonder if the apparel store gets people coming in looking for the hardware store!

Take a walk on E St. between 8th & 9th, then head north on 9th, any evening starting around 8 PM. You will see the new 'tent city'. These are homeless people who camp out every night. The numbers have increased (maybe doubled) in the past 6 months. I had not seen tents until recently. They have those pup tents, mostly along 9th. I'm sure the current economy forced some to vacate their residences. With so many people out on the streets, they make it difficult to traverse those areas. They also present a health hazard, which is apparent if you wander in this neighborhood. There is a lingering smell of human body odor mingled with the stench of human waste. Someone needs to do something. It has become considerably worse in the last 6 months.

What is the real scoop on the 'stimulus' package? I heard that the payroll taxes will be reduced, thereby giving the majority of eligible (not sure what that means) people about $13 per paycheck. I cannot imagine that a small increase in the paycheck will stimulate anything. The lump sum distribution in the last stimulus did get some industries reporting a smattering increase in shoppers. I am no economist, but $13 on my paycheck will not get me to run out and make a purchase.

So long

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Josh Board Feb. 25, 2009 @ 4:42 p.m.

Hey Aunt...your bill for 16 cents should've been sent back to them, with you paying in all pennies (although, that might be more postage too, huh?)

In high school, my buddy worked at the movie theatres that used to be in UTC. He was taking two weeks off for a vacation, but clocked in for something. HIs boss said "Oh, we don't need you today." He clocked right back out.

And he was issued a check, from Mann Theatres, for one cent. We thought it was so funny, we kept it for a while. As a joke, he signed/endorsed it to me, and I took it with a few other checks to my credit union.

The teller messed up, though...and gave me a dollar for it. I guess she was just never used to seeing such a small check either!


Russ Lewis Feb. 25, 2009 @ 11:14 p.m.

Well, Josh, that beats my personal best. I once got a VISA bill for $.08 -- a photocopy at Kinko's, I think. I wrote them a check for eight cents and mailed it. Can't keep 'em waiting; they want their money and they want it on time.


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