Someone sent me the current You Tube entry into the President Obama as a Muslim campaign This effort is a a small time film pieced together from numerous speeches to make a point alleging Muslim sympathy by our President.

If I took several conversations using only specific sought after words & phrases, I believe I could make arguments about religious leanings, terror plots, almost anything to make a point fitting an agenda. Start with the conclusion and fill in the blanks.

The one loud female reporter talking about & berating the fact that President Obama bowed to the Saudi King is totally nuts. She said that he (President Obama) was the first President to make a gesture showing his subservience to a Muslim. That is BS. It appeared to me that our President hesitated and was unsure of the proper greeting. So what. I have seen thousands of people bowing in Japan, China, etc. Why? What horrible thing does that prove?

I have researched numerous points of the inclusionary aspects of this YouTube snippet. As President Obama stated, it is true that there are mosques in every single one of our 50 states. The United States of America has been the sanctuary of choice for those seeking asylum from religious persecution for our entire history.

So, "Stop The Presses". President Obama has a pretty firm grasp on the Muslim religion. He is able to identify with Muslims as he actually lived in places where Islam is the main religion. What is the real purpose of putting together this spliced, censored piece of film? I see it as fear mongering. Trying and trying to find a way to get the American public angry at our President.

Now, think back. Our last reigning President made all sorts of attempts to speak Spanish. The difference is, President Bush knew very little about the Mexicans, he did nothing to stem the tide of illegal immigration. Boy, "Feel the Change Media" could have a field day if they used former President George W Bush as fodder, instead of trying to find the words to criticize President Obama.

Try as they might, after watching their 'film', I am of the opinion that President Obama is just way too smart for the people who posted this on You Tube. It is somewhat suspect that they failed to include film of President Obama during his 6 daily prayers! The incident at Fort Hood is a horrible tragedy. But, were those bullets fired on behalf of Islam or were they fired because this enlisted AMERICAN soldier did not want to go to a war zone?? We will never know, though I do suspect the media will fan the flames of anti-Muslimism because it makes for better copy and will probably sell more of whatever they are peddling.

As a study assignment, "Feel the Change Media" should be required to watch the Bill Maher movie, "Religilous".

A stilted bow is nothing compared to the most ridiculous one of all; kissing the ring of the Pope. Over centuries, Catholicism has been behind the deaths of millions of people. Have you seen the Sarah Silverman bit: "sell the Vatican, feed the world"? The Pope even has his own city-state, living in the outlandishly ornate Vatican while billions of Catholics are starving.

I do hope there are enough people who get the splice & dice method used for the "Obama Admits he is a Muslim" attempt at trying to prove something that is non existent. They threw an awful lot of mud at the wall to get some that stuck enough to extract a few words from many, many speeches.

One thing I have noted is the tendency of many in the media to call this man 'Obama' instead of the proper title of President Obama. Call Aretha, they (the media) need to show the proper R E S P E C T.

That is my two cents worth on this subject.

So long

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