The Immigration Problems facing the USA today are a by-product of government laxity in enforcement of the laws. Congress has dawdled for too long, allowing the issues to reach what may be a boiling point this year. The Immigration laws have been arbitrarily enforced. The border with Mexico is a sieve, allowing ILLEGAL crossing into the USA putting our Border Patrol agents at risk. During his term as President of Mexico, Vicente Fox, openly promoted illegal immigration into the USA and often espoused his belief that an open border would be beneficial to both Mexico & the USA. Of course he did, he wanted 'his' people protected by our government because a big portion of their economy was dependent on the money being sent home by the ILLEGAL aliens working here. Rather than taking some action to do something to improve the impoverished economy of his own country while keeping the status quo corruption of the Mexican government, the good ole USA was to step up and let 'his people' remain without regard for our laws.

Congress has done very little to improve the situation and now there is renewed talk about getting a bill passed to augment the outdated Immigration laws. Some form of amnesty is touted as a necessary part of any new laws. Poll after poll after poll consistently show that Americans (citizens) are against any sort of amnesty. The occasional rallies organized by Mexican leaders are provacative. I am especially fond of the many signs, including: "We are not criminals". I wonder why so many who have lived here for years fail to understand the English word ILLEGAL. Of course all who crossed the border, without obtaining a Visa first, are indeed 'criminals'. Per Merriam-Webster:

Main Entry: criminal Function: noun Date: circa 1626 1 : one who has committed a crime 2 : a person who has been convicted of a crime Main Entry: crime Pronunciation: \ˈkrīm\ Function: noun 1 : an act or the commission of an act that is forbidden or the omission of a duty that is commanded by a public law and that makes the offender liable to punishment by that law; especially : a gross violation of law

In President Obama's recent speech he noted that Immigration reform has been pushed aside again and again because our elected representatives apparently thought it would cure itself. A strong statement to Congress could/should include something like; throw out that old lawbook, do your duty to your constituency and get busy on the reformation of immigration.

President Obama also stated that we are a nation that "welcomes those willing to embrace America's precepts." When I was much, much younger I lived in a city with a substantial Jewish population. One longtime mayor was named Abraham S. Levine (how's that for political incorrectness??, racial profiling?). It was my perception that most immigrants wanted to live here and 'become' Americans. Many would not go out until they had some command of the English language. Tradition, heritage, even language can be kept alive through efforts of each family.

Over the last 35 years or so, that has changed. Many immigrants have their own enclaves and live under the auspices of the USA, without regard for becoming American. It is a new attitude and instead of the melting pot, America seems to have taken on a challenging dilemma of people living in America while maintaining 'villages' of their old countries.

Another point made by President Obama was "Many have children who are American citizens." This is one aspect of immigration reform that must be changed. Currently, anyone born on American soil is an American citizen. The law should have some requirements such as, US residency of at least 6 months and one parent must be an American citizen.

It will be very interesting to see what Congress is able to accomplish, trying to at least pretend to listen to their constituency while trying not to offend the "Alien Nation". An interesting letter has been making the internet rounds and is sure to spawn some interest in the Immigration Reform debate. It speaks volumes to millions of American citizens who want immigration reform and want it now. I am using a separate entry for the letter , entitled More on Immigration.

I am forwarding this blog to President Obama and to numerous political persons, including those who were elected to represent many Californians.

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a2zresource July 9, 2010 @ 11:15 a.m.

Having opened the door for discussing criminals, we need to know what kinds of crimes have been allegedly committed.

Generally, the Constitution recognizes "high crimes and misdemeanors". Subsequent Acts of Congress now break these into three classes.

(1) Felonies are the serious ones, usually with fines in the tens of thousands-to-millions range and/or imprisonment for many years.

(2) Misdemeanors include some sort of incarceration of less than a year and possibly fines as well.

(3) Infractions can only include fines, but no imprisonment as a loss of liberty.

If aliens not admitted through a legal port of entry are criminals, then what sort of criminals are they? Without further definition by United States Code Title VIII, could one assume that an infraction may be alleged, not a misdemeanor or felony?

Is an alien, who has allegedly not been legally admitted, a "person" as described in the Fourteenth Amendment? Is not such an allegation required to be proven under due process by trial or other means? Can any person be deprived of due process under the Fourteenth Amendment?

If any person can be so deprived, then what is the effect of the Constitution of the United States of America and its amending Bill of Rights with respect to any person and their potential loss of life, liberty, and/or property by arbitrary government action?

It should be noted that aliens who are proven to be not admitted through a legal port of entry (8 USC § 1101) are not incarcerated or even fined (but may be accused, held and tried for other crimes, just like you or me), but are merely immediately deported, detained while awaiting deportation, or ordered to come back for another hearing.


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