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"Protestors March Barrio Logan For Immigration Reform
04-12-2009 5:19 AM

(San Diego, CA) -- Around 300 protestors marched through Barrio Logan yesterday to rally for federal immigration reform. The fifth annual Zapata March started in Chicano Park and ran two-miles into the neighborhood. Student groups such as MEChA and Somos Raza organized the event, where marchers of all ages waved Mexican flags and held Spanish signs calling for an end to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Meanwhile, the Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition protested higher taxes at Spanish Landing Park."

There are several points to make. First of all, why are they waving Mexican flags? The signs they carried were in Spanish?? If you want to be recognized by the US Government it seems you should go out of your way to at least appear to want to be AMERICAN.

I also love that fact that they want ICE to stop enforcing the Immigration laws!!!! It takes cojones for the immigrants (Many ILLEGAL) to ask for special treatment under the laws of the country that allows them to stage such marches. There are not many places that would put up with this kind of protesting. If you want to live and work in the US, then learn the language. That would be ENGLISH. But, even before that, enter the country via LEGAL means.

I wonder if any of the protestors are aware of the immigration laws and enforcement in Mexico. Mexico deports more illegal aliens than the US. It is a felony to be in Mexico illegally. Persons in this country illegally have somehow managed (via attorneys) to get our Court system to treat them as if they had the same rights as those of us legally born in the US. I believe Congress has a responsibility to change the Immigration laws that allow anyone born on US soil to be an American citizen. Such a law should require parents of the baby to have lived LEGALLY in the US for at least 1 full year. Only then would the child be considered an American citizen. Too many lawyers use the words, "rights of illegal aliens". Why do they have ANY rights? Every single ILLEGAL alien should be deported. NOW is not soon enough. Such action would include many people I know. But, there is a principle involved here and I'm on the side of enforcing the laws.

I mentioned speaking English. I think this is a major issue for many Americans. It is a sign that there is no intent on the part of the Spanish speaker to become American, rather they just cross the border, take a job (no enforcement of employer verification) and send money to Mexico. I concede that many immigrant workers live in squalor, but they CHOSE to take this journey. This is especially true in the current economic crisis. Speaking Spanish and making no effort to learn English is a way to stand out, not hide. I was with a friend in Old Town recently and we ran into someone my friend knew. The other person spoke Spanish. My friend looked at me apologetically, saying, I am sorry, she doesn't speak English. I asked how long she had been here (US) and she said 18 years! She went to school here. How can that be, I asked. Apparently she was able to pass because the tests are in Spanish and even their schoolbooks have a Spanish version. I want to verify the veracity of that and will write more in a future blog.

I will also share with you regarding how Mexico treats ILLEGAL aliens while asking the US government to allow their citizens to continue to live here (as long as they continue to send money to Mexico?).

So long

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homelessvet April 12, 2009 @ 9:21 p.m.

200,000 veterans and millions of americans are homeless and unemployed in their own country ! This must stop ! Illegal aliens living in sec.8 housing and taking jobs away from Americans must end now ! Call congress @ 866-220-0044 and demand our immigration laws be enforced now ! visit : - - - - - - - follow links to other sites and pass these along ! ENFORCE OUR LAWS ! DEPORT THEM ALL ! (1 of 200,000) GOD BLESS THE U.S. !!!


honor April 12, 2009 @ 10:33 p.m.

zapata march!waved mexican flags and held spanish signs! ice stops enforcing immigration LAW? illegal invaders marching in american streets demanding equal rights and privileges that only american citizens have the rights to enjoy! DEMAND OUR PRIVILEGES? march in our streets and demand privileges? like our tax dollars to support their illegal entry into OUR open house country? our goverment stops enforcement of our laws? putting each and every american in harms way across OUR country! just how are we all to react to this criminal behavior from our own corrupt goverment america? PLAY DEAD!!! marching in our streets waving a mexican FLAGS AND HOLDING SPANISH SIGNS? getting tea party HOT! remember the ALAMO!!!! pardon wa WACO TOO! tired just plan getting tired of being tax paying fools by a corrupt criminal gang in washington you think! tax tax tax! for what to watch mexican invaders march down our american made streets and just demand to take over our country by invasion and by no border policy open house goverment? stop enforcement? put U.S. in harms way too! open house on U.S. OBAMA? CONGRESS? HOMELAND MEXICAN BOUGHT SECURITY? cartel drugs gangs open house and demand american privileges to boot? waving zapata signs wow!!! lets run hide and lock our doors! UGLY" setting U.S. up washington? my my how safe our tax COLLECTORS ARE! tax tax tax and STIMULUS U.S.! all on fraud they them selfs created!!!! TICKING TIME BOMB" but the thing thats on our side is it's just criminally wrong what this goverment is doing to U.S. period. TICKING TICKING TIME BOMB! wake up america" time to all wake up! INDEPENDENT truth is on our side. truth justice and the american way NOW! AMEN MEN AND WOMEN!!!


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