What a nice day! Perfect in every way! As I munch on my spinach leaves, I spy my bird friends frolicking outside the back door. They look so happy, flapping their wings and pecking at the ground-I wish I could be with them.

Something catches my attention...what is this? A little creature is making its way across the bars of my home, its tiny legs stretching to reach the next step. I stand up to get closer to it, sniffing to make sure it's o.k. to proceed. I don't smell anything, but my whiskers almost knock it off the bars.

"Whoa, buddy! Careful there!" said the little creature.

"Who are you?" I ask.

"I'm a spider! Can't you tell?"

I try to sniff him one more time-he smells like...nothing. He reminds me of an eyelash.

"I guess. What's your name?" I ask.

"Mr. Spider-what's yours? and pray tell, what exactly are you?"

I looked at him with wide eyes, thinking how rude of him not to know-

"I'm a furry..."

"Oh, let me guess...a furry dog!" he remarks, while interrupting me."No, I'm a rabbit. Mommy says that I'm the best bunny on the planet," I beam.

"Well, then, now that we have that straight, what is your name, pray tell?"


The spider looks at me, his little legs still attached to the bars. Suddenly, he hops down to my perch, looks straight up at me and smiles. His eyes seem to get bigger. I'm not sure if he's happy to be here or wants to eat me. Of course, I'm larger than he is, but, of course, he is a spider.

"Would you like to go to my tree?" asks Mr. Spider.

"I can't go outside right now. Mommy's busy and won't let me out right now."

"Oh, well then. I must be on my way. It's time to climb some more. Have a good day, Ramsey Boy," says Mr. Spider, making his way down the bars.

Suddenly, I feel sad. My new friend is leaving me.

"Don't go, Mr. Spider! Please come back," I squeal.

Alas, he's not listening-I watch him as he makes his way across the doorway and to the ground below. He disappears as he climbs the tree, across the way.

I hope to see my new friend again...

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