Wow! I'm actually outdoors. Awesomeness!!!! Sniff,sniff, sniff What's this? It looks like a flower. No, I think it's a...phew. It stinks! Don't let Mommy see this.

I try to push it away with my nose but then Mommy stops me.

"Baby Boy, don't eat that. That's a stinky!" she said.

Whatever it's called, it's not a flower. I am enjoying the morning now that Mommy and me are strolling the backyard. It's so pretty today. I almost wish I could live out here. Everything is so pretty and sweet-smelling. My bird friends are close by, too.

Suddenly, I hear this loud squawking. I don't see anything until Mommy grabs me and takes me to the other side of the fence. In the trees, across the street, I can see a large group of red and green blobs bobbing up and down in the tree branches. They take turns, grabbing and eating leaves. Mommy is so excited by the sight of them that I hang on a little tighter. I don't want to fall!

"Ramsey, look! Do you see the parrots? Aren't they pretty?" she asked.

Parrots? Oh, that's what they're called. Yes, they are pretty, and they have wings!

All of a sudden, they take off, side-by-side into the great, blue yonder. They are loud, too. I want to cover my ears but I can't let go of Mommy. We watch them fly higher and higher, until they disappear.

"Bye, parrots!" I squeal.

As we head back towards the door, I take one last sniff and catch a faint scent of rose.

Funny thing is, there aren't any roses around us.


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