What a beautiful day! I can't believe Mommy let me out this morning. I am actually outside, where my bird friends are singing, flowers are blooming, the air smells lovely. Aaaahh...the life of a bunny is awesome!

Sniff, sniff, sniff... What's that smell? Think I'll follow it until...wait! What's this? Gold dust? Let's see where it takes me.

I decide to follow this trail of gold. The path is lined with so many beautiful jewels that I stop counting them after thirty. As I hop along, I see little people with wings flying above my head. Wings...why don't I have those by now?

A very pretty creature, with silky wings, looks down at me and whispers, "Ramsey, would you like to join us?"

Huh? What does she mean, join us? She starts to get closer to me, but I decide to run faster. She chases after me, those wings of hers are almost touching my fur, by now. Suddenly, she is in front of me. I halt to a stop.

"Ramsey, don't be afraid. I would like for you to join us...just say yes," she says.

"How? I can't fly!"

"Would you like to?"

Fly? If I only had....WINGS!

She must have read my mind because I was in the air before I knew it! Joy, joy, joy!!! I can fly!

I was sailing alongside many beautiful creatures. Their wings were so colorful. They seemed to be happy to see me. We travelled above the trees and lakes. Everything was so small beneath me. My own wings were pretty-a prayer come true!

Suddenly, I looked around and my friends were gone! Oh, no! Where did they go? I felt scared...Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!

I want to go home now....

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