Aaahh...There's nothing quite like the aroma of a fine summer's day! Everything is so lush and green after the rains that came through our neighborhood last week. I can see, from my perch, that the trees and plants are alive and well. Some of my bird friends dropped by earlier to sing to me. That made me very, very happy!

What's that? Hey, look at those colors, way up in the sky! I can see, through the bars of my house, that the round rainbow is moving across the sky. I sniff the air to see if I can detect where it's headed.

Come back, rainbow! Come back! I hop up and down to try to get its attention, but it's so high up. I close my eyes and start wishing that I could be with it...

Suddenly, the door to my house opens and before I realize it, I am being whisked away by some new bird friends. I am riding on the back of a white dove, her wings flapping against a gentle breeze. I can't believe that I am actually in the air! Wow, if Mommy could see me now!

When we reach the rainbow, my friends place me inside the box attached to the rainbow. My feather companions perch on the edge of the box-I'm glad, too. I feel safer now that they are with me. I decide to take a look from where I sit. Oh, my, we are WAY UP HIGH! I can see for miles and miles. The houses below are so tiny. I wonder if Mommy can see us-

Bird Friends, where are we going? I ask curiously.

The dove looks my way and coos, Where would you like to go, Ramsey?

I have to think for a moment, then I remember that Fleagle couldn't be too far away. She left for Heaven a few weeks ago.

Can we go see Fleagle, my sister?

Where is she?

She went to Heaven.

The friends became very quiet but responded That will take some time, Ramsey, to get there.

I realize, then, that it would be impossible to see Fleagle, so I decide to just enjoy my time, right where I was...with my friends and my pretty rainbow.

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