It seems like Mommy has been gone for days. She went to do laundry this morning, and I know that she'll be back soon, but I want her to get home quickly so that I be with her when she puts the clothes away.
 I can hear the key in the front door lock-that has to be Mommy now. Yea, it is! She's bringing in the bag of clothes that she just washed from the laundry mat.
 "Hi, Baby Boy! How's my Ramsey?" asks Mommy. "Let me put this down, and I'll let you out in your play pen."
 I can hardly wait! This is always my favorite time of day, when I am able to get out of my house and stretch a bit in my play pen. As Mommy pulls out my pen, I jump up and down in excitement. Finally, she opens the door to my house. I scamper down the ramp and hop off. I feel like I'm flying as I leap over the wooden platform, which supports my house. She scoops me up and places me in my pen.
 Something soft and woolly touches down in my play pen. I don't think Mommy is aware that there was a sock sticking to her shirt, and it fell into my pen as she lowered me into it. I can't let her take this away. I push the sock with my snoot. Silly thing, it just sits there. Doesn't it want to play?
 Suddenly, a herd of socks and assorted things rain down upon me. I feel very happy to be surrounded by the sweet smell of Mommy's things. I am covered in a blanket of the most warm and delightful-smelling clothes. I can hear Mommy giggle at the sight of this.
 "Ramsey, are you enjoying yourself in there?" she laughs. 
 *Why, yes I am, Mommy!* I think to myself. I can't help but roll around in this pile of freshness. I am so glad that she decided to let me play in this, even if it's for a brief moment.
  Thank you, Mommy, for giving me this time to play and for loving me. I love you...

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