Yea! It's breakfast time, and I can hardly wait! I love this time of day, when Mommy feeds me my munchies-spinach, hay and carrots. They're so delicious!

Here comes Mommy now. I can see that she is digging around in the refrigerator for my food. She is singing a happy song while she retrieves my food. I love to see Mommy happy. It has been almost one year since Da left. I miss him, too, but know that he is very busy with his life and music.

"Here you are, Baby Boy," says Mommy, as she places the assortment of goodies on my perch. I can hardly contain my excitement as I snatch the tasty vegetables from her hands.

*Munching, munching, munching (I know that I'm loud, but, hey, I'm a hungry boy)

Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I spy a furry, black-and-white creature, who looks curiously my way. He is sniffing the air as he inspects the area. I'm glad to be in my house because I don't know if this chap is a friendly sprite.

"Hi," he says. "What's your name?"

I stop munching, even though I still have about five spinach leaves left in my mouth. He keeps staring at me as he waits for me to answer.

"Hi, my name is Ramsey," I answer. "What's yours?"

"Rupert. I'm Rupert the skunk."

Skunk? Honestly, I've never seen his kind before. He is pretty interesting looking, though.

"Hi, Rupert. Where do you live?"

"I live in the canyon," he replies. "Hey, what are you eating there?"

I can tell that he's the inquisitive type, as he edges closer to my home.

"I'm eating carrots, spinach and hay. Would you like some?"

"Sure! I'm kinda hungry. I can't seem to find anything good out here," says Rupert.

I try to toss him a few of my carrots but they keep dropping on the floor of my house. Suddenly, I can hear Mommy coming into the kitchen, as she always does when she wants to check on me.

When she enters the room, I see Rupert's eyes grow wider. He immediately lifts his tail and —

"Ramsey, are you doing o.k.?" asks Mommy.

I look at Rupert and then at Mommy. Suddenly, Rupert strikes without warning!

UH-OH! Oh, no!!!! I squeal.

Mommy senses something and quickly closes the door. She has seen Rupert and knows that there's no time to waste.

"Ramsey, are you alright?" She asks, while grabbing my house and removing me to the living room.

"I'm so sorry, Baby! Did the skunk bother you?"

I wish that I could let Mommy know that Rupert didn't bother me and that I wanted to share my food with him. I hope that he'll be o.k.

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