It sure is quiet around the house now that my sister, Fleagle, left. A few days ago, she was really sick. Mommy had to clean up after her-I guess she made some messes. I could see that Mommy was sitting next to her, holding her head and talking softly. The next thing I knew, Mommy was lifting her up and putting her in a box. They headed for the front door and were gone for a while. When Mommy came back, she sat down in a chair and started to cry.

Don't cry, Mommy, I sighed. She seemed so sad. I wish I could have squeezed through the bars of my house to go and hug her, but I couldn't push myself out.

I kept waiting for Fleagle to come home. Even after Mommy left the house again, there was no sign of her. Fleagle looked very different than me. She had shorter ears and a longer tail. When she was hungry, she ate her food out of a dish, on the floor. It smelled so much different than my snacks. I wanted to share my carrots with her but she never came by to get them. She also made noises every night that kept Mommy awake. Mommy was constantly getting things for Fleagle from the refrigerator and telling Fleagle to be "quiet." She was a little loud, at times.

Mommy just let me know that sister Fleagle was in cat heaven with the other animals. Where's that, Mommy? Can I go? I want to see Fleagle-

Then I realized that if I went there, I wasn't going to see my Mommy anymore. I do miss Fleagle...I'll see her again someday.


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